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Where is the best Breakfast/Brunch in Shenzhen and what was the best dish?

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The Sheraton Dameisha Sunday

The Sheraton Dameisha Sunday Brunch is very nice. They do it in their italian restaurnat with a great view o the se and and then after you are done with the brunch you can go use the beach for free. Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen Flavorz restaurant also has an extensive Sunday brunch witih freeflow of champagne.

Dear All, Thanks for

Dear All,

Thanks for attending ShenzhenParty's contest!

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Thank you again!! The next contest is coming soon and the winners can win the tickets for Sarah Brightman Dreamchaser World Tour Hong Kong 2014! Please looking forward to it XD



McCawley's in Shekou has a

McCawley's in Shekou has a new weekend brunch menu. Haven't tried it yet though... from Louise Pemberton

Just thought of HH Gourmet in Shekou. They have good bagels! from Brent Deverman 

Chang Fen is the best, in my

Chang Fen is the best, in my humble opinion!

Chang Fen is a dish made from a rice flour batter that is cooked in a special steamer loaded with a variety of fillings and topped with a special sauce. It is the perfect dish to start the day.

Throughout my travels in China, I have sampled many kinds of Change Fen but none can compare to the Chowshan style Chang Fen.

The best place to get Chowshan style Chang Fen is in Huaqiang.Located on the first floor Shenzhen Electronic Group Co. (SEG)building. Nestled within the business interchange in the midst of busy people and countless electronic devices, their Chang Fen makes working in Huaqiang a breeze.

Lanzhou Hand-pulled Ramen is

Lanzhou Hand-pulled Ramen is the best place to have Brunch in Shenzhen. There are more than 500 Lanzhou Hand-pulled Ramen shop in Shenzhen, you can always find one on the street. The best dish is beef hand-pulled ramen with an egg, plus a marinated beef with baked bread. You can also enjoy the amazing performance of how does the chef make the hand-pulled ramen for you!

I would recommend 香港新文華茶餐廳 as

I would recommend 香港新文華茶餐廳 as it is a resonable price and a well known hong kong style cafe, its best dish is the hong kong stlye mild tea and the pineapple bun with butter. And also 星記腸粉王 as it is a very traditional rice noodle shop with traditional chinese porridge, i personally like the beef porridge, chao mian and soya milk. I like having yum cha for brunch and i would recommend 聖豐城酒家 for the dim sum tastes really good and is good quality with good customer service, the dim sum i like the best is the spring rolls.







Emily's cafe in sea

Emily's cafe in sea world...very nice dish of pancakes and their fresh fruit juices are very good

Plenty of breakfast or brunch

Plenty of breakfast or brunch selection in SZ, here are few of my favourites:

Dimsum: Jade Garden cantonese restaurant at YiTian Holiday Plaza (below Westin hotel) serves creative fusion look dimsum with great taste too.

Hotel Brunch: Sheraton Dameisha

The best is McCawley's Irish

The best is McCawley's Irish Pub, i go too the one in Shekou(Seaworld). They offer all day breakfasts two choices The Ultimate Fry up and The Steak and Eggs. The Ultimate Fry Up is the best it offers 9 items of Breakfast food, for only 98rmb. It's always made fresh and goes great with a cup of coffee or at night a glass of beer Plus i say this is the best breakfast place because the staff speaks english here so you can make even a special order. 

Here's the website with the menu.


I was born local and have

I was born local and have habit of having DIM SUM with my family as brunch every two weeks and once a month if busy with other plans. The restaurant we frequent is Victory Restaurant(胜记). Given that I go to Hong Kong a lot and have tried many restaurants, VR is still my favorite place to have Cantonese Brunch in Shenzhen. And I love almost every typical dish there!  Cheese Baked Sweet Potatoes then if I have to name one.this is too personal..hah

Simply life is so delicious

Simply life is so delicious whatever the taste or looking. When I got there, simply life always have many consumers and always full of jollification. I seem many foreigners like to be there. Maybe they feel this place’s taste and decoration is so European, I think. Strawberry tart and banana tart is the best but maybe some people will think they are too sweet. Truffle wild fungus pasta have many cheese in it and smells good. I think the truffle wild fungus pasta the best partner is black tea for the reason that black tea can release the greasy feeling. This place is very appropriate for date some good friend to enjoy and chitchat.BTW, simply life’s location is at coco park and MIXC!!!! LOL!!

Old town white coffee cafe -

Old town white coffee cafe - old town special nasi lemak is the closest authentic dish i can get when i am missing my hometown's food.

They have branches at futian and luohu.

Laurel Restaurant (dimsum)

Laurel Restaurant (dimsum) Best dish "liu sha bao" 流沙包 :)

I don't know about the best

I don't know about the best one but I know the cheapest good breakfast in Shenzhen that's definitely worth it's value. Helens cafe near Shenzhen university has many many options for breakfast and they are really good. I also like their selection of omlets. Something I miss from home! It's a total hippie, chill student place tucked away into a small street so kind of hard to find but really worth the search. You can ask any student at the campus for directions. They all know it.

Starbucks...Cheese Cake,

Starbucks...Cheese Cake, Coffee, and Sandwiches

These are comments from a

  • These are comments from a WeChat post for best PANCAKES:
  • George and Dragon
  • English breakfast at Clare's is good
  • The Boathouse makes great blueberry pancakes
  • Senor Frogs - David Sommerville
  • Not sure about pancakes, but my wife and I just found the best waffles in Shekou. Or, should I say, the ONLY waffles in Shekou. Try "Vii Cafe" next to Pacific Coast Coffee in Seaworld
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