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Anyone noticed the change of the Tsingtao beer taste?


Hi all Tsingtao beer lovers,


I have been drinking Tsingtao beer, the the "lao" version for years. It is the 600ml beer you can find everywhere. there seems to have been a change, either fake Tsingatao's have entered the market or Tsingtao have changed the bottle slighlty and also the taste of the beer.

I call the "new" ones the fake ones as the taste is terrible. The bottle is easily recognised not having the foil going all the way over the cap.

The "new", bad tasting one, doesn't have the foil over the cap.


Anyone noticed this?

Possible reasons?

1.Tsingtao made their beer taste terrible? Why?


2. The fake Tsingtao have taken over in Shenzhen?


3. Someone want the people to drink the American beer Budweiser instead. The weaker beer.

Or, what else?

4. ???


Anyone else who can clearly taste the difference in the so called new, but I think is a fake, Tsingtao?


We have done a few blind tests, and it was 100%. The blindfolded tasters could easily point out the bad tasting ones.


Anyone who could shed some light over this?


Jack Wintermoon






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