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Where to go for shopping?




I just arrived to Shenzhen couple of months ago and I'm wondering where to go for shopping.

I already visited the main shopping malls (I guess) but I cannot find what I am looking for. Basic jeans and shoes

As per I seen, I can only find Chinese brands with astronomical prices, ignoring how's the quality. Other shops are only selling those "broken" jeans style. I realised that the most expensive European/American brands have similar prices than local brands. Just I'm trying to find not high brands and/or prices with a fair quality

If somebody knows, I'd appreciate any help or suggestion on where to find clothes within a moderated price. Over all shoes!


Thank you! :)



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About the Author
About the Author:

Hi! I'm Enric from Spain and I'm based in Shenzhen. Currently looking for new friends to hang out, explore the city and share experiences :)
My wechat is enricj

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