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Ziyuan Tea House (The Purple) (OCT Bay)

Ziyuan Tea House is part of Shenzhen Ziyuan Cultural Development Ltd with the main business of Tea House, sales of tea set and tea, including crafts and products. We offer tea parties, tea tasting activities, art of tea exchanges, tea culture interactive programs, etc.

Ziyuan Tea House is always persistent in its own style and business concepts since opening. It gradually builds its own brand impact and influence after ten years' development and won extensive popularity with the industry.

With the emergence of the culture market, Ziyuan Tea House starts to development into a clustering, standardized tea house with five branches (one at Beijing Forbidden City, two in Shenzhen, two in Guangzhou) and the flagship store that is soon open in OCT Bay. Ziyuan Cultural Development Ltd will combine the standardization of brand with a systemic strategy and grow rapidly by opening new branches both at home and abroad.

By moving old houses, built when Jiaqing was the Emperor of China, into a modern city in South China, we combines the ancient and simple outlook with modern interior design, which illustrate the magnificence and honor of an one hundred year old house and the elegance and nobility of a private yard. Here, you can find healthy and delicious food with art culture complementing each other.

OCT Tea House is composed by:

#10 Building---Tea House

#9 Building---Graceful Banquet

Functions and operation positioning of Tea House in #10 Building

Experiential space of Chinese "Graceful Life": With concepts of tea ritual, Hong ritual, book ritual, string instrument ritual and dining ritual, we will produce an experiential space of culture of Chinese Modern Graceful lifestyle. There are different theme oriented rooms, such as opera room music instrument rooms, chess room, den, painting hall, where you can listen to music, play chess read books, enjoy paintings, watch operas, learn about arts and taste tea.

Function and positioning of Gracful Banquet in #9 Building:

It is an experiential space for cultural life with vegetarian food and various drinks, which is healthy and nutritious, manifesting the dinning concepts of life and culture in vegetarian food and healthy drinks.

With healthy vegetarian food and graceful banquet with different themes combined together, suiting OCT Bay overall positioning, we will build a unique "Graceful Banquet" in order to promote brand new dinning concepts. We live out a healthy philosophy of keeping health in four seasons by following the heavenly timing, promotes an idea of returning to nature, an healthy view life and a dynamic balance of body and mind. We also prepare banquets for our guests who celebrate blessings in life, promotion, birthday, and happy events.

About us

Founded in 1997, Shenzhen Ziyuan Cultural Development Ltd is a planning company which plans and organizes all kinds of art activities and cultural activities.Ziyuan has always been dedicated to the responsible pursuit of art and culture, and keeping its high quality and high style as usual. Ziyuan has won high praises and appreciation among both cultural sector and art sector.

Ziyuan works closely with many famous artists,scholars and cultural celebrates both at home and abroad. There were many well-known scholars, artists both at home and abroad attending and collaborating with us at all kinds of cultural and art activities planned or organized by Ziyuan.

Meanwhile, Ziyuan Cultural Planning Company is the founding unit for Tourist Crafts Professional Committee of Chinese Arts$Crafts Association and in charge of all kinds of academic activities of this committee.

With the background of the traditional culture and under the leadership of the company, Ziyuan Tea house is the main business of of Ziyuan. There are five branches in China at local excellent locations. Each Tea House inherit the unique business style and taste of Ziyuan. Ziyuan has won great response regarding our brand and reputation within the industry.

We constantly follow the principle of combining modern concepts and excellent traditional culture together, and make our life full of taste and the art of humanities.

Place Description (Chinese/中文): 
将嘉庆年间的老宅子移入南国闹市,古朴的外观与现代的室内设计相辅相成,既有百年老宅的气宇和尊荣,又尽显私家庭院的雅致与高贵,健康美食在这随处可得,文化与艺术又相得益彰。   欢乐海岸茶院组成部份:   10号楼---茶院 中国"雅生活"的体验空间。以中国传统雅生活文化的茶礼、香礼、书礼、茶礼、琴礼、食礼为概念的经营理念,打造成当代中国雅生活的文化体验空间。室内设有戏台、琴房、棋室、书斋、画阁等各主题空间,可以听琴、对弈、读书、赏画、看戏、习艺、品茗。文为风雅,书为艺术。   9号楼---素风雅宴 一个素饮雅食的生活文化体验空间。以健康养生出发,以文化元素为形式的素风雅饮的雅生活文化饮食概念。以健康养生素食和主题雅宴配合欢乐海岸整体定位,打造出独具特色的"素风雅宴,提出将养生素食和文化主题雅宴这种全新的饮食概念,结合四时养生,顺应天时的养生哲学,倡导回归自然,让身心动态平衡的养生观,可为客人的福、禄、寿、禧等传统元素提供主题宴会场所。   紫苑茶馆品牌介绍 深圳市紫苑文化发展有限公司成立于1997年,作为各种艺术活动、文化活动策划与组织的策划公司,一直以来,在文化与艺术追求上坚持一份文化担当的责任,保持一贯的高品质和高品位,在文化界、艺术界获有较高的赞赏和好评。   紫苑与国内外大批著名艺术家、学者、文化名人关系紧密。在策划、举办的各类文化艺术活动中,都伴有国内外众多知名学者、艺术家的参与、合作。    同时,紫苑文化策划公司作为中国工艺美术学会旅游工艺品专业委员会的发起单位,并负责委员会的各类学术活动。   同时,紫苑始终以传统文化为背景,在公司旗下,以紫苑茶馆为主营性业务,在全国拥有五家分店,地处当地优异的商业地段,各分馆坚持紫苑特有的经营品味与风格,在业内拥有着良好的品牌效应和反响口碑。   我们不断遵循现代理念+优秀传统文化元素的原则,让生活更有品味,更具有人文气息。   紫苑茶馆隶属于深圳市紫苑文化发展有限公司,主体经营为茶馆、茶具茶叶类销售,包括以茶为核心的周边工艺品、产品等;以及茶事活动,茶艺交流活动、茶文化互动活动等.....   紫苑茶馆从开馆至今,一贯坚持自已特有的风格与经营理念,经过十来年的积淀,逐渐形成自已的品牌力与影响力,在业内拥有广泛的知名度。   随着文化市场的崛起,紫苑茶馆开始走入集群化,标准化,茶馆业务现聚集为五家(北京故宫一家,深圳两家,惠州两家)和即将在欢乐海岸开设的旗舰店;紫苑文化发展有限公司配合品牌标准化与系统战略化,紫苑将迅速在国内、国际扩增分店 

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Oct Bay, Baishi Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Place Phone: 
+86 (755) 83152999

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