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HH Gourmet -- Bagels and More...

A real Artistan New York Deli has reached China.  Items are Homemade -- Authentic New York Bagels, Lox, Specialized Cream Cheeses, Ham, Corned Beef, Pastrami, Candian Bacon, Bagel Chips, Cakes, Cookies, Scones, Lemon Curd, Salads, Soups and much more.  Have a great meal and then enjoy a fantasic dessert and coffee with free Wifi.

Place Description (Chinese/中文): 

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
43-B, Coastal Rose Garden, Phase II, Wanghai Rd. Shekou
Place Phone: 
+86 (755) 2683 9259

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A ridiculous offer, who eats

A ridiculous offer, who eats 12 of these things?

This deal is not good buy 12

This deal is not good buy 12 get only one free, if they want more business they better do a better offer. Americans love bagels but make it worth it make them always come back with offering not so cheap offers hahaha.

My favorite would have to be

My favorite would have to be the Mr. Mark's Sweet & Spicy BLT with some of there tasty freshly ground coffee, I feel its the perfect combination and portion. Being from New York I really suggest this deli to any one looking for a true NY style meal! + The Owner and staff are extremely friendly and considerate and will always make sure your satisfied, which unfortunately cannot be said for some other local restaurants.

I visited HH Gourmet 3 times

I visited HH Gourmet 3 times in 4 days while on business in Shenzhen and I highly recommend their bagels and coffee. Great Folks, great service and Great Food. I felt immediately at home. Their place reminded me of the cafes in San Francisco. I took a bag of bagel chips home to the family and they devoured them before I had a chance to have a few. 

I will definitely make it a point to stop at HH Gourmet the next time I am in town.  

After two years in Shenzhen,

After two years in Shenzhen, homesickness creeps in and I like to find places that remind me of my favorite haunts back in the states.  HH Gourmet has just the right "feel" to make you imagine you could be in Berkeley, Austin, New York or even my  hometown: Boulder. It's atmosphere transcends its location plus you get the TASTIEST FOOD! The emphasis is on fresh, fresh AND MORE FRESH! Today they had Gespacho and Mushroom soup, HOMEMADE, of course. :) mmmmm.

Let's start with the basics:  homemade bagels (my favorite is sesame, closely followed by "everything") and a variety of toppings including Lox & Cream cheese and "killer" fresh made jams...yummy. You will also find biscuits & gravy, a wonderful variety of breakfast and lunch sandwiches including pulled chicken and pork (on your favorite bread or bagel), with some old fashioned potato salad (another favorite) to make you feel at home. There is much more but I like these in particular.

Don't forget deserts: the lemon curd/scone is heavenly, the toffee is to "die for" and their chocolate cheesecake should be by "prescription only", HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!! There is no better coffee drinks in Shekou and you can find my favorite beer: Brooklyn, imported from the good ole United States (sigh), I feel better already. Try their fresh juices and natural flavored homemade soda drinks: my favorite is the vanilla.

You also meet the finest folks who come there regularly: sitting in the very comfy couch seats or outside in the prime heart of the Rose Garden shops. You can play chess or borrow a book from their rack, just make yourself at home. I sure do, its nice to make friends with Matt, the owner and his wife, Huanhuan, native Chinese. Matt is from New York originally but has lived in China many years and speaks fluent Mandarin. He is not only a great proprietor but also a tremendous amount of help should you need some local knowledge. Please drop in and make yourself at home. I use their wifi & have solved many of my problems in those chairs there at HH Gourmet. I hope you do too.