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Out of Business
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Mediterraneo Tapas Bar

Mediterraneo is an authentic tapas restaurant, which has recently opened in the subway passage next to Coco Park’s MTR exit B. The restaurant serves authentic Mediterranean food and has an excellent selection of wines to complement the many delicacies on the menu. The tasteful décor and tranquil lounge music provide the perfect setting to enjoy a quiet meal alone or with good friends. The menu offers an excellent selection of tapas dishes that are guaranteed to satisfy diners who appreciate top quality ingredients and are who are keen to stimulate their taste buds!


Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Fumin Street Shopping Park, Metro passage exit B, B15, Futian District, Shenzhen
Place Phone: 
+86 (755) 83893178

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Tasty buffet in coastal city


Tasty buffet in coastal city wow so much better.This place above never will go ther again.


For a really enjoyable night,


For a really enjoyable night, U must check out Mediterraneo......!! its the perfect place to meet your friends and be able to talk without excessive loud music...! The ambiance is wonderful and the staff are so friendly. The food is fanatstic and its all made fresh and on site. I love the buffet and the selection is really great. You have to check out the imported hams and salamis, some of the best that I have tasted. If its Sangria you are after theirs is really delicious, you can also get beer on tap which also goes great with the food selection. The music is great and really makes the ambiance of the restaurant. Its also a great place to meet new friends as its so friendly warm and inviting.

I have been to this restaurant many many times and I have to say that its one of my favourites. I cant wait to get back there.....!!

Looking for ambience, tasty


Looking for ambience, tasty morsels, welcoming hosts and non-intrusive staff? Meditarraneo is the place to go.  located in the fast developing under-the-ground city of Shenzhen, it's a 2 minute walk from the B exit of Shopping park metro station. Make sure you check out the great deals on offer combining wine and buffet selection. 

Meditarraneo seems to invite a lively, friendly clientele and there's often the opportunity to make new friends.

Have been several times,  and will go again soon and often :-)





我是澳大利亚老外(对,我是白人)在中国呆挺久,接近20年!但觉得没必要用英语做评价。为什么呢?因为我觉得我们大部分老外都知道这家店。在深圳老外圈子比较小所以信息来的比较快。特别是哪儿买好吃的我们都想知道(还有哪里买大码鞋和哪里有便宜学费的国际学校!!哈哈)。你要么晚上路过这个小饭馆可能就看到生意挺旺,而大部分顾客是老外。这是因为老板娘安排的吃的都很地道。美食是南美试地,都是她自己传给我们的南美美食文化。有几个配上面包我确实在澳大利亚曾经没有吃过,味道非常好。老板娘非常注重食品都是进口的都是一级的都是适合南美和欧洲人的口味。我每次去喜欢吃她做得chocolate salami,那就是巧克力萨拉米。巧克力味道很浓,最好配上他们家nespresso咖啡机熬的咖啡!他们家的自助餐很经典很实惠。面包脆脆地就像欧洲好面包房的。深圳还算比较难找到这么个外国人经营的而外国客户赞同的地方。。。你们想尝试一下真正南美试的菜及饮料鸡尾酒我推荐你们去试试。晚上人挺多很热闹。因为地方小很容易认识老板夫妇和外国客户。交流成朋友机会大。5分!

I LovE the place ! The cozy


I LovE the place !

The cozy atmosphere, the buffet deal and the price are not comparable with any other place in town.

Every time I go there I meet some new nice people, and the buffet quality and variety keep getting better.

For me it's maybe one of the best place in town to have a dinner as in Spain / France.

It is a restaurant with a


It is a restaurant with a cozy atmosphere, the service and the food is good too, although very little, but good enough for the price.

About the events that have taken place, for been announced in "shenzhen party" I think it was only for friends, the deal with the food and drinks were not very clear, when we asked for the bill they told us in the very last moment that we had right to a bottle of wine, that we never tried, and the bill was not very clear, test each different wine was in dribs and drabs.

I think that in this event the service and attention was generally very bad
call us: +86-755-3395-5850