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Tried and true, Evening Show club has been around Shenzhen for quite some time.  Easily one of the largest, if not the largest club in the city, Evening show has a great layout, with very high ceilings, spectacular lighting, fun performances, loads of seating... and one of the few remaining Chinese clubs in the city still with stand-up tables!  For those of you new to Chinese clubs, Chinese clubs tend to focus on sofas and booths, often having very few standing tables, or none at all. Thank you Evening Show for keeping a few spots for those of us not wanting to spend 5k + on a night out. Additionally, there is a great rooftop swimming pool and bar, open during the summer season.   Evening Show is centrally located in Futian, near Convention & Exhibition center metro station, 4th and 5th floor of the building next to Wongtee V Hotel.  In addition to the standing tables, there is also a substantial stand up bar, for ordering individual drinks. 

Foreigners wishing to attend Evening Show have some promotions available to them, by contacting Wechat ID: PandoraParties


Evening Show Club

WeChat ID: Fashion_Eveningshow


Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Floor 4-5, Building 2, Huanggang Business Center, Fuhua San Rd, Futian District.
Place Phone: 
+86 (755) 82708888

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I visited this place on


I visited this place on 08/31. Everything was fine, but on the way back when I just got out of the elevator, bunch of locals (a dozen or more) started to fight me without any talking. And what is the most outrageous is the police did not give a sh@t . They were just standing and watching and later they even started to help those bastards holding me while they just were beating me. Now my face looks totally smashed. Be aware, guys.

Have a nice day, dear


Have a nice day, dear readers. Like a New Year starts from 1-st month I started my day at 1 p.m. Yesterday I visited “Evening show”. I was in many different clubs around the World. In this club I saw perfect staff – beautiful girls & good guys. Interesting interior. During evening you can see interesting graphic which involve you on in the world of sound. On the ceiling you can see galaxy. That is amazing, especially when you are drank, I think so. I heard deep sounds. Dj-s were perfect. From the firs seconds I wanted to dance. This is very strange for me & unusual for club music. I was drinking, dancing and a few hours had run away like a few minutes. And then, I think in midnight, I saw an “Angels”… No don’t think that I was drunk. Those were Slovenian girls on podium. They were beautiful. When you will see them you want to say - “World, hold on…” I thought that was the best club night in my life, after Amsterdam, of course, there was too much strange fog. And, like in fairytale about “Cinderella”, a “coach” was going to pumpkin… I don’t know perhaps alcohol or view of Slovenian girls, maybe both have had stroke Dj's brain and after sound was toooo loud that I have feeling like every cell of my brain is blowing up. About 1-1,5 hour I was thinking not about music, beautiful Chinese girls and drinks, I was looking for place where not so loud & I can hear my minds. But my party was over. So my opinion and advice – you can drink and dance till an “Angels”, because on the next day rings of your mobile phone will made painful feelings for your ears.

Sincerely Yours Mr. E


Hey, whoever the promoter is

Hey, whoever the promoter is of this, text me. I want to do some promotions out here. I am from Vegas doing business in Shenzhen, but I want to do some work in the club scene while I am here also.

My number is 15814482009
call us: +86-186-7677-0910