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Events Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post my event?

1. Login to your account on our website. If you don’t already have an account, please “Join” or Login if you already have an account.

2. After you sign in, find “Events” under the top banner, then click into "Post Event"

3. Fill in your information on the “Create Event” page, noted that all fields with * are required fields. Please be patient while doing it.

4. You can upload additional images of your event:

Upload additional images here. You can upload multiple images. Click in the blog post and use the insert button to insert the image where you would like it to show up in the post. These images are not displayed in the post unless you insert them.

5. If your event happens either weekly or daily, check the checkbox “Repeating Event”. (That means your event happens either weekly or daily.) The repeating events checkbox and the repeating days must both be checked.

6. On your right hand, you can pick the location of your event, repeating days, holidays, event category and tags.

7. Click “Save” when you fill out the information needed and wait for approval which usually takes one or two business days.

8. After your event is approved, it will go into our "event calendar" and if our editors find it unique and appealing will be featured on our social media and in our daily email.

  • 9. By posting your own event you will gain:  
  • Quicker Approval (even on the weekend)
  • Modify your Events Later (change your event info at any time)
  • Write your own description (sell your event better).

I am trying to post an event and my place name is not listed?

1. When you create an event, if the event happens in some restaurant in OCT Loft, you type " OCT Loft" in "place name",you will find

2. If you can not find your event's place name (which is called business listing) in our database, you can go here to create a business listing.

3. If you really can't find the business or are in a hurry you can leave the above field blank and our editors will attempt to fill it in. 

Can you promote my event on the front page/event calendar?

We will select good quality events & our media cooperation partners' events & our paying clients' events to promote on the front page/event calendar, if you have really good events and want us help to promote, you can email us at: [email protected]

I just added my event, why can't I see it on the site?

1. Make sure you post events in the right place :

2. Make sure your events are approved by our moderation system 3. Then go to [event calendar]( to search by date

How do I edit my event once it's published?

Click your name and you will find "my post" under your name, then click edit  

How do we cooperate with as a Media Partner?

You can email to us : [email protected], let us know what events you are doing and what you can provide to us. We will reply you back of what we can provide for you.  

Can you please not post an event or take an event down?

If your event has good word of mouth our editors will post it on our event calendar of over 100 other upcoming events. Our duty is to our readers to make sure they know about the most talked about events going on in Shenzhen. It is our general policy to post the best Shenzhen events and never delete events from Even "underground" or "private" events will be posted on our event calendar if our editors determine them popular enough to be posted as readers have requested this.

Why is there a logo on my event flyer?

Due to the number of sites that have used our content without our permission, most of the images that we upload to our site are automatically stamped with the logo. This is common and standard practice on many sites in China such as Dianping. We cannot change this setting for an individual image.

Why was my event deleted from the site?

If your event does not have accurate address and contact information, or if your event is not specific to Shenzhen it maybe removed from the site. Events should be time limited and considered to be useful to users to stay on the site.

I have an event spanning over a few days that only shows on the first date on the event calendar.

If you are uploading an event that goes on for longer than one day, the event will only show on our event calendar for the first date of the event. For example if you upload an event that goes from Monday 1st to Friday 5th, the event will only show on the event calendar until midnight Monday 1st and not the other 4 days.

[Video] Posting Event Tutorial


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