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Xiao Di (kitten) wants home !!!

 I am a 6 weeks old kitten now living in an animal clinic in Nan Shan.  My name is “Xiao Di/ 小弟” which means small boy.  I almost died a week ago when my mother’s owner abandoned me near a garbage bin.  My mother could not save me because her owner locked her up.  I was very sad to have been separated from my mother and was frightened by strange surrounding.  

I spent the whole day and night hiding near the garbage bin, without any food or water.  I could hear my mother sobbing from a distance but I was too weak to response to her.  When I was about to pass out, I was found by a couple who went by and noticed my very fragile body.  They were very kind to take me to this animal clinic which they know provides animal adoption service.  
I have lived here one week.  Everyone here is very kind and caring, I have received medical check up and was given vitamin and nutrition supplements.  Although I am still small