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SZ city of opportunity_PhotoContest

SZ city of opportunity_PhotoContest

From 5th Dec to 5th Jan. What makes Shenzhen city special and unique? What is the most representative aspect of city life or  its culture? Show us with one Shoot your idea of what make this city so attractive! 


1. Follow our Instagram account (vivishenzhen)

2. From 5th Dec to Jan 5th post your special picture with the hashtag #viviszphotocontest and tag us @vivishenzhen in the picture caption and ask your friend to like the pic.

We will give:

One prize for the picture with more like on Instagram and two prizes for the best Shoots judged by our professional photographer Jesus Salazar (instagram id: geofotojs) 

The award night will be host at Evil Duck, our sponsor in this competition. The three awarded photographies will be displayed at Evil Duck 

Event Details

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