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深圳首届汉服公开派对 —— 等你来!!! Shenzhen First Han Fu Open Party!!! 2019-05-12


 深圳首届汉服公开派对 —— 等你来!!!



      Han Fu, are from the emperor Huangdi's ascendancy to the mid-17th century. (late Ming and early Qing dynasties). The traditional clothing and accessories system of the Han nationality. It is the embodiment of China's " country of clothes", "the country of etiquette", "the splendid China" and "the country of Syris".It bears the outstanding craft and aesthetics of dyeing, weaving and embroidery of the Han nationality. It has inherited more than 30 intangible cultural heritages and protected Chinese arts and crafts.



      Now in Shenzhen, our first open Chinese Costume Party gathers all the fans of Chinese traditional culture, qin, chess,calligraphy and painting. Drinking tea or drinking wine with close friends to ease their worries. 



       Ten famous teas in China are Tieguanyin of Anxi, Longjing of West Lake, Biluochun of Taihu Lake, Maofeng of HuangshanMountain, Luan Guapian, Maojian of Xinyang, Taiping Monkey Queen, cloud andmist of Lushan Mountain, Mengding Ganlu and Guzhu Zibao Tea.


        Tea art in China has a long history, including tea ceremony, tea morality, tea spirit, tea couplets, tea books, tea sets, tea paintings, tea science, tea stories, tea art and so on. Step by step, tasting tea is like tasting people, with endless after taste.




Dukang is the only way to relieve worries 

In ancient times,there were wine immortals-Taibai 

Now we are learning the ancient wind and wine virues 





        China's drinking culture has a long history, splendid culture, rich and varied folk wine customs have been passed down to this day.The found ation of traditional alcoholic culture is alcoholic virtue and alcoholic ceremony.

        Confucianism is regarded as the orthodox view of ruling the country and keeping the country safe. Liquor customs are also in fluenced by Confucian liquor culture. Confucianism pays attention to the word "wine virtue".

As a kind of food culture, drinking has formed some rituals that we must observe in ancient times. For wine etiquette。


有茶有酒我们也少不了棋,棋逢 对手,当然要对弈一局。

With tea and wine, we can't do without chess.Diamond cut diamond, of course you have to play it.




     Chinese characters are extensive andprofound, and now a "Sheng pi zi" is sung all over the country.

 Let'slisten to a foreign friend singing "Sheng pi zi", he is our super hot foreign Tiktok blogger yo !

More Popular Tiktok blogger will Shows Up on the Spot.










What you are waiting for, All are ready for you.

2019.05.12   Han Fu party time:3pm to7pm, Adults price:250 RMB per person.

Children(less than 12 years old):price 100 RMB per person。

Food and drink free flow from 3pm to 7pm.

12:00 to 3pm hotel brunch + HanFu party package price: 350 RMB per person.

Dress Code: Han fu!!!

3pm to 4pm sign in, 4pm the event start.

Address: Shenzhen VeniceRaytour hotel.

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Sunday, May 12, 2019 - 3:00pm - 7:00pm
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成人250人民币/人,儿童(12岁以下)100人民币/人,含早午餐和汉服派对打包价:350人民币/人 Adults price:250 RMB per person. children(less than 12 years old):price 100 RMB per person。 hotel brunch + HanFu party package price: 350 RMB per person.
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