Shenzhen Design Week: Design Tour


Shenzhen Design Week aims at building an international, professional cross-category platform for the design industry. This large-scale platform will facilitate international cultural exchange, enhance city branding and promotion, showcase global design achievements, and contribute to public education on design.

Shenzhen Design Week is programmed annually according to different themes and focuses. It will include a number of regular events and activities, such as Guest City, Cities of Design, Design Award, SZ-HK Design Twin-Cities, Design Tour, Design Talks.

Shenzhen Design Week: Design Tour

The primary purpose of this tour is to bring Design Week closer to the general public, and to enhance public education on design. Several different routes will be planned that will take tour participants to most of the events and activities in Design Week, to some creative and design clusters in the city, and to a few less typical design companies and studios.

Tour of Design Industrial Parks(DIPs) and tour of design education & art exhibition halls are built, so that the general public can be given the chance to grasp a better understanding of Shenzhen, the first city in China appointed as UNESCO City of Design.

Timber, whose original meaning is “woodlands”, refers to “the iron-and-steel jungle” in architectural design. Hence, the first design tour is the tour of urban landmarks. Alongside Shennan Boulevard, from east to west via Shenzhen International Trade Center Building, Chegongmiao district, and with Value Factory -the main venue of Shenzhen Design Week as the terminal point, this tour will track the traces of Shenzhen’s development and construction, taking the public on a journey of exploring changes of the trends of urban architectural thoughts from the approaches of architectural design to urban planning.

Secondly, timber implies the meaning of “woods”, alluding to “the woods of design industry”. Thus, the second design tour is the tour of Design Industrial Park(DIP), and the most representative Design Industrial Park(DIP)-OCT Loft undoubtedly serves as the optimal choice. Sauntering from its north zone to south zone, the public will get to know OCT Loft’s history, landmark buildings and cultural activities known as the significant milestones in OCT Loft’s establishment. Subsequently, from its south zone to north zone, the public will successively visit design and cultural institutions in OCT Loft. Through touring, the public will be inspired to reinterpret OCT Loft’s reconstruction history, rediscover Shenzhen Design Industrial Park, and realize the positive impacts of design on our lives.  

Thirdly, timber adopts the meaning of “wood”, exactly speaking, the wood suitable for design learners’ creation. Consequently, the third tour is the tour of design education & art exhibition halls. With Value Factory as the starting point, moving from Wanghai Road to Shahe West Road, by way of Shenzhen University and Shenzhen Hi-tech Park, and then walking from Fulong road to Longheu P+V Gallery in Longhua district, this tour offers an opportunity for the public to walk through Shenzhen’s “educational corridor” and into Longheu P+V Gallery of a century’s history to observe people’s close ties with former design education.

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设计之旅 带你穿梭于深圳本土的设计创意空间






“木”,是学设计者的造物之木: 从价值工厂出发,从望海路到沙河西路,路途中经过深圳大学城与深圳高新园,再从福龙路走到龙华虔贞女校。木之旅带领公众经过深圳“教育走廊”,走进历经百年的虔贞女校艺展馆感受前设计教育与人的紧密关系。






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