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New Year Eve Celebration | the 20th Anniversary of Future Mix

In 1997, Ni Bing, then with Shenzhen Radio FM97.1, joined hands with Technasia of Techno for a radio show – the first of its kind – devoted to the introduction of the international Techno/House music scene in China. Since then, electronic music has become an integral part of the Chinese youth cultural experience. 

(The poster of the first activity by Future Mix)

How crazy was Future Mix anyway? 


As early as 1999, Future Mix began inviting a large number of renowned techno artists from around the world to perform in China, triggering for the first time in China an electronic music fever with high-quality , on-the-ground electronic music in South China.  

Besides Techno, Ni Bing began to promote music styles like Hiphop, Drum & Bass, etc., as well as held a series of music shows supported by international first-line stars. 

In 2015, the long-lost Future Mix returned to the broadcast industry and joined Midnight Talks.

On the 20th Anniversary of Future Mix, we are going to hold a grand celebration with a series of activities related to  electronic music. It will be like a time machine, taking you back to the splendid past, and forward to look into the future 

of electronic music. 

As the climax act of the celebration, New Year Eve plans to hold a majestic party at Mars Live House, when every of the musicians who have been keeping intimate cooperation with Future Mix in 20 years will be present, bringing brilliant performances for all of us.

Future Mix Retrospection Exhibition 



To exhibit the posters, photos from shows over the years, as well as new works created for the current celebration. 

The B-Movie: Lust and Sound in West Berlin 1979-1989 

This is a film that records the awakening of the German electronic music scene in the 1970s and 1980s. 

Music Forum 

We've invited musical celebrities, world-class DJ's and renowned music producers to share their thoughts with us. This promises to be one of the most well-informed, far-reaching discussions of the domestic music industry in recent years.

Marc Ridet 

Marc Ridet, Chairman of the Switzerland Music Export Department, will attend the forum to discuss the current state of live music in Europe, along with the heads of China’s major music platforms. 

Le Fou, an angel investor from the Silicon Valley, will also be present to communicate with Chinese media  representatives. 


Anniversary Party 

Artists of the 20th Anniversary of Future Mix

As the climax act of the celebration, New Year Eve plans to hold a majestic party at Mars Live House Shenzhen and Oil club Shenzhen, when every of the musicians who have been keeping intimate cooperation with Future Mix in 20 years will be present, bringing brilliant performances for all of us. 


Mijk Van Dijk

Great Techno artist from Berlin 

As bold as ever, House and Techno music has always been at the centre of Mijk van Dijk’s musical universe, the place he calls his ‘microglobe’. Not satisfied with only mixing moving beats and emotive sounds, Mijk is dedicated to spreading a message through song titles, samples and his own lyrics. The idea of a microglobe: sharing ideas and music with people across an ever more connected planet and the facets of electronic music just being audible continents in a world of music continues to shape his artistic imagination.
Throughout a career that now spans 27 years in electronic music alone, Mijk has produced with and for a diverse number of artists, including DJ Hell, Claude Young, Takkyu Ishino, Thomas Schuhmacher, DJ Rok, Toby Izui, Tanith, Cosmic Baby, Namito, Rummy Sharma, Rob Acid, Tom Wax and Martin Eyerer. He has also remixed Moby, Denki Groove, GTO, Frankie Bones, Humate and Emmanuel Top, to name but a few. One of his most acclaimed productions to date – the Marmion tune Schöneberg – was conceived in collaboration with Marcos López and is considered as one of the eternal classics in House and Techno. Mijk has toured worldwide and developed an especially strong bond with fans in Japan, where he released on major and independent labels, such as Sony Music and Frogman Records. Being a practiced musician Mijk van Dijk has played live to audiences of tens of thousands, as well as jamming with music artists of different disciplines and genres. His DJ sets often include live elements such as drum machines and effects, making each a fresh and exclusive experience. 
Microglobe is now home to all the different shades of Mijk’s musical style. It began as a project name under which he released his first album Afreuropamericasiaustralica and now encompasses the radio podcast show music 4 the microglobe. Arriving in September 2017 is the new label Microglobe Productions, which merges all the influences of Mijk’s music in one distinctive musical message.
With the singer Jette von Roth he formed an electronic duo under the name a glow with two single releases on their label roter punkt and an album in the pipeline for fall 2017. Mijk van Dijk was already called Multi-Mijk by Germany’s leading Techno mag Frontpage in the early 90s. This is truer today than ever before. 


Ni Bing 

Chinese dance music culture pioneer, FutureMix founder 

Ni Bing is one of the founding fathers of electronic music in China. He started as a radio DJ in Shenzhen in the mid-‘90s, then went abroad to expand his horizons. After spending time with Danny Tenaglia, he came back to China to usher in a new era of music, bringing artists such as Morcheeba and Ladytron. Now he manages bands and DJs, and is the sole distributor of Ninja Tunes, HB Recordings and Minty Fresh records in China. On the club front, he launched Song in Beijing, and managed the Mercedes-Benz Arena at the World Expo in Shanghai. Ni Bing is a true musical pioneer. 



Japanese music producer, modular synthesizer artist

galcid is Lena's solo project ,produced by legendary synthesist, Hisashi Saito.Lena's electrifying live performances on eurorack modular synths and other various vintage and modern machines with 3 rules in mind: NO PCs, NO Presets, NO Preparation!

She has been playing with NINA KRAVIZ / DANIEL MILLER / Oval / DJ NOBU / MOODMAN / Isao Tomita/ Takkyu Ishino / KEN ISHII / DJ Sodeyama / G-men (LFO) and so on…

In February 2016, She was invited to the special exhibition “The Medium as Somatic Impulse”, held by the Japan Media Art Festival, at the EYEMYTH Media Arts Festival in Mumbai, India.

The memorable 1st album“hertz”in digital format, released upon in worldwide from Detroit Underground, attracted Karl Hyde (Underworld), Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle) and other well-known musician all over the world.

Also, galcid played at Boiler Room TOKYO in TDME(Tokyo Dance Music Event). Boiler Room reported that it was more than 360,000 view (only for galcid), and more than 500 shares(Facebook only). It was really huge and sensational performance.

In July 2017, she has succeed the first EU tour in Balcerona, London, and Madrid. In Octobert and November 2017, she joined to Iron Island Festival and and it was highly regarted in many media. 


Dumb Plants

music producer, boss of Ran Music, member on Dumb Plants 

Red Keys”

 “Just For You”

 “Bless (Dumb Plants Remix)

Dumb Plants, also known as Shen Li Jia and Sid , are musicians and producers based in Beijing, China. After meeting in 2008 and playing guitars together in a post punk band “Yantiao” for 3 years, Shen and Sid decided to move on to explore new sonic territories. By building a studio in a nameless Hutong in Beijing’s old town area, they accumulated gears and instruments to create new sounds which is organic and groovy to work on the dance floor, but also digitally polished for listening experience. Their style is heavily influenced by rock music and Berlin Techno, you will hear catchy riffs be programmed into loops with minimal variations, and glitchy vocal samples floating on the top which brings a rich sound scape to the dancers. Their work has been released on Chinese electronic music pioneer Ni Bing’s label “Drum Rider”.

One of the member Shen Li Jia is a mixing engineer who has been involved in mixing and mastering music for some of the most notable artists in China's indie music scene including Soulspeak, J-Fever, Kafe Hu, Queen Sea Big Sharks, Hedgehog, Hu Zi from Pet Conspiracy, Toby Mak, Nocturnes and many more.

At the beginning of 2015, Shen Lijia founded record label Ran Music, dedicated to the promotion of electronic music and rising talents to come out of China. Since Ran Music first began, more than 20 artists and performing acts have released music on the label, including several Chinese electronic music pioneers such as Soulspeak, h_w_a (aka ELVIS.T), Mickey Zhang, having gradually developed into one of the most recognised indie labels in mainland China. 

Lantern Festival 

London music producer who lives in Hong Kong

Lantern Festival-Hong Kong-London producer Lantern Festival AKA Jonny Brown.

Shortly after, Brown moved to his birthplace Hong Kong and gradually started putting together a home recording studio to record the follow-up. There was no plan other than to explore the possibilities of a home-studio setup, hoard free software, and push the limits of a limited version of Cubase. 

Sonically dense yet melodically satisfying, 'Gardens' flows like a beat mixtape but is sequenced in such a way that it feels like an album from start to finish. Traditional song structures lose out to hypnotic beats, and laid-back vocoder vocals juxtapose distorted samples and found sounds that take the listener into electronic pop 'wig-out' territory. 


Mansun Lui 

Chinese pioneers of electronic music, one of the best DJ in China 


Famous event curator

Chinese electronic music pioneer and promoter

One of the best techno DJ in China

Was the Planning Director/Music Director for MUSE group (M2, MUSE97 and M18 etc.)

Music Supervisor for Tomorrow Land stage at Shanghai Disneyland.

On behalf of MAM as the significant artist vendor for the best clubs in China --- MYST, FUSION, LINX, MINT, M2, MUSE and MIX etc. As well as influent music festivals --- Storm festival, Strawberry festival, MIDI festival, Top 100 DJ festival, MYTH festival and Jungle festival etc.

MUSE Stage Planning/Director for 2014 Storm festival. 

On behalf of MAM to take part in planning for many brands events --- opening ceremony for LV flag shop in Shenzhen, KENT/555 China tour, Heineken, BACARDI, TIGER series events, LAGERFELD opening, CHANEL V and MTV Awards etc. 


Le Fou

Techno Electrical Musician from San Francisco 

Official Soundcloud:



Le Fou (aka LIFEcell) is an electronic artist and entrepreneur from San Francisco with compositions that combine driving rhythms, classical harmonies and atmospheric textures. Straddling the space between ambient, techno and experimental composition, his voluminous catalog of work ranges from beat-less atmospheres to emotive club thumping "4-on-the-floor" harmonic techno arrangements. Classically trained in composition and piano at a young age by the eminent pianist and Shanghai Conservatory Professor Li Ruixing, his work has been featured in commercials, documentaries, gallery exhibitions (Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai), events (Tetsuya Komuro Decade) and on terrestrial radio stations (Latin America Amorfo 95.3). Currently, his production work includes composing music for Snoop Dogg, a Tibetan film and remixing for Daniel Brandt  (Brandt Brauer Frick, K7 records, Erased Tapes).  

In terms of live performances, Le Fou has shared the stage and opened for artists such as Yoshihiro Hanno/Radiq (op:disc) and Ripperton (Mina, Innervisions) among others. In addition to performing his original electronic works for live at various venues in China including The Shelter, MAO Livehouse, ONSTAGE, Elevator, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA Shanghai), the Lafayette Gallery, JK Gallery, Kulou, Logo and the now defunct JZ Livehouse. 



Chinese game music producer

Lanx (born 28 July 1992) is a Chinese electronic dance music producer and DJ.  He is best known for his debut single: Taichi (Pulsar Recordings) which was released in 2015, ranked at #60 in Beatport's Trance Top 100.

His original and remix tracks subsequently received support from some of the world's well-known producers, including Alexander Popov, Thomas Datt, and Roald Velden. The remix of ZANIO's "Will (Incepto Music)" was ranked at #32 in Beatport's Progressive House Top 100. His electronic music also plays a role in the DJI GO app developed by the famous UAV company DJI.

Lanx has also produced game music original soundtrack in his music career: Shio, Hidden Dragon, Soul Knight, City of God I and Fresh Body. 


Independent Electrical Musician, the Shanghai Techno Son

Ma Hai Ping (MHP) is a producer from mainland China. He was born in Shanghai in 1981. The uniqueness of the music senery and sci-fi image brought him the call of "Son of Shanghai techno".His music was deeply influenced by Detroit techno and early Berlin underground scene. In the past 12 years experiences as a music producer, his music style covered techno, house, industrial, experimental atmospheres, original soundtrack, etc. In terms of both style and technology, he is the miniature of the development of China's electronic music.V/O/I/D Label, which he is involved in, is the most pure techno crew in China, he has also performed with Juan Atkins, Robert hood, Oscar Mulero, Scan 7 on the same stage. 

Sam Lai 

Shenzhen famous Techno DJ 

Sam Lai, who’s been deeply influenced by Techno, started his career in music 5 years ago.He had the experience of holding all kinds of outdoor rave parties(tunnel、park、beach). He continued to hone his mixing skills and built his own style. He earned a good reputation in the underground music scene of south China. He performed in Strawberry Music Festival、One Love Electronic Music Festival、Honey Lake Music Festival. Sam Lai wants his audience to enjoy more than just music. He is good at building atmosphere. 


Line up

Mars Live House10th Floor,T-PARK


MHP+Ni Bing (B2B)

Lantern Festival

沈立嘉 Dumb Plants

Dec 31


Le Fou

Ni Bing





Le Fou 



Oil Club


Mijk Van Dijk


Ni Bing

Mansun Lui

Sam Lai 

 " 未来之声 "


The Future Mix Music Conference 








Live industry in central Europe and the future of touring business in China for European Bands  



Music and Culture related Video startups—Berlin VS Shenzhen 



Retro of Vinyl Life 



How to manage Asian EDM Clubs 



How to promote artists and their shows  



Future of EDM Festivals 



How to promote Chinese artists overseas 




瑞士音乐出口部主席:Marc Ridet 


柏林著名音乐视频公司Strrr创办人/硅谷天使投资人:Phil L


Pepper Club/火星现场联合创始人:孟瑞雪

黑胶房子唱片店主理人:Thomaz Guiddo



亚洲最大的Edm俱乐部澳门Cubic主理:Paco Chan

Face Club主理:Jimmy Lee

SECTOR总经理:张子夜 市场总监:朱政峰 



亚洲Se Asia音乐集团CEO :Tommy Chan

香港视奥多媒体CEO: James Chan

香港乐队鸡蛋蒸肉饼经纪人:Alex Chu

大内密谈主播:倪兵 徐图(徐小兔) 


香蕉电音创办人:Jacky Cao











Mixmag China行政总裁:Donald 









Modular synthesizer showcases





How to run a home studio and mixing showcase




Berlin/Tokyo electronic music history




How to work with game,drama and multimedia




Galcid  沈立嘉 

Mijk Van Dijk

马海平  Lanx 



Future Design & Product Exhibition/Movie Screening: 

2017/12/23 - 2018/1/6 


Discussion Forum on 20 Years of Chinese Electronic Music: 

2017/12/31 - 2018/1/1 


The 20th Anniversary of Future Mix Party: 

2017/12/30 - 2017/12/31 


Mars Live House + Oil Club (all-in-one ticket)

Pre-sale: RMB 260 Yuan 

Scan the QR code to get presale tickets  

At the climax of the celebration on New Year's Eve, we'll hold a majestic party at Mars Live House, with all the musicians who have worked intimately with Future Mix over the past 20 years, bringing you what promises to be brilliant. 

Event Details

Event Date: 
Saturday, December 30, 2017 - 10:00am - Monday, January 1, 2018 - 9:00pm
Pricing Info: 
Pre-sale: RMB 100 Yuan On-site: RMB 150 Yuan
Booking Phone Number: 
see poster
Place Name (Optional): 

OIL Club 是位于深圳的新晋 Underground Club,致力于为南中国的地下音乐场景注入新鲜活力,呈现最好的先锋电子音乐现场,OIL有着中国地下俱乐部中首屈一指的声音系统以及灯光效果。在第一周的试营业,OIL已经迎来了柏林先锋制作人 mechatok,电子爵士神童 Swindle,以及英国低音传奇和音乐厂牌 Hyperdub的老板 - Kode9。


OIL is a new Underground Club based in Shenzhen, dedicated to injecting fresh energy into the south China Underground music scene, and presenting some of the top pioneers in electronic music. Also OIL has one of the best sound systems and lighting of any club in China.



Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
11A Ground Floor,Tairan Mansion, Tairan 8th Rd Xiasha Metro Station Exit D, Futian District Shenzhen
深圳市福田区车公庙泰然大厦01层L1-11A (下沙站D出口 )
Place Phone: 
+86 (755)15817479767
Place Address (English/Chinese): 
OILClub,Tairan building, Chegongmiao, Futian, SZ 深圳市福田区车公庙泰然大厦01层L1-11A(下沙站D出口) + Mars LiveHouse, T-Park, No.2001, Binhe avenue, Futian, SZ 深圳市福田区滨河大道2001号 T-Park深港影视创意园10楼
call us: +86-755-3395-5850