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Macbeth is up coming

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A Brief Synopsis of Macbeth:
The story takes place in war-torn years of remote Scotland. The appearance of three witches tells the prophecy of changing the fate. Macbeth and Banquo who are brave generals make efforts to save the situation in the battle. So King Duncan transfers renegade Sir Cowton’s title and territories to the Macbeth, and the throne passes to his eldest son Malcolm.
Macbeth and his wife trust the prophecy and murder King Duncan. They also kill Banquo because Macbeth fear Banquo will betray him and get out the witches’ prophecy. The witches remind Macbeth to be careful Macduff who flees to England. For the sake of peace of mind, Macbeth eventually kills Macduff's wife and children. Malcolm and Macduff invite reinforcements from England to lead a revolt against Macbeth.
Actually, what the witches said is kinds of pun. Finally Macduff kills Macbeth, and Malcolm gets the throne as the King of Scotland.

Britain TNT Theatre Original English Drama: Macbeth

Performance: Britain TNT Theatre

演出时间:2010年4月4日 20:00
Time: 20:00, Apr. 4th, 2010

Price: RMB 480/380/280/180/120/80/60

Event Details

Event Date: 
Sunday, April 4, 2010 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Booking Phone Number: 
0755)86371698 86371699
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Shenzhen Poly Theatre
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Shenzhen Poly Theatre, Houhaibin Road, Nanshan Distrect,Shenzhen
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call us: +86-755-3395-5850