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Dynamic Yunnan

In presenting the exotic song and dance spectacular, Dynamic Yunnan, the dance diva from China, Yang Liping, had spent more than a year traveling to remote villages of the 26 ethnic minority tribes in Yunnan and picked over 60 peasants who had a natural gift to sing and dance, to build an archive from which she re-created this rich feast of sight and sound.


Prologue – The Dawn of Life
I am the wild fire, I am the wind,
I have locked my soul in the drum,
And kept the seeds within me.
With a clap of thunder, plants begin to sprout,
Wake up! Spirit of the Drum, wake up!

Scene One – The Sun
The sun and the moon are forever chasing each another,
From east to west they follow the track.
They have taken the same route since Chaos opened up;
Men and women are together
Since they were born, and till they die -,
They were joined upon the Creation of the Earth.

Drums in Yunnan top the rest of China in terms of variety and the number of myths related to them. In Yunnan, the drum is not only a musical instrument but also a symbol of the womb, a totem for genital worship. Drums may be categorized by material, such as leather, stone, bronze and wood, or by their ethnic origins, known as the Sun Drum, the Mang Drum, the Riba Drum or the Dabei Drum. In making wood drums, the Wa people would make a pair, one male and one female, and they would hold a ritual before cutting down the tree.

Scene Two – The Earth
Heaven is vast, but there is only one;
The earth is vast, but there is only one.
Do not say that flora does not speak,
There is a reason for every living thing on earth.
My ancestors told me,
The Earth came from the flesh and bones of the Creator.
I lay low, close to the earth, and there and then,
I could understand the myths of my ancestors.

Scene Three – The Land We Call Home
The ancient people of Yunnan believed that everything in nature was endowed with spirits and souls. The people therefore have a deep reverence for the natural world around them, worshipping mountain gods, water gods, tree spirits and rock spirits. Virtually every village has a spirit tree and sacred forests. Every minority tribe holds an annual offering to these gods and spirits.

Scene Four – Pilgrimage
The Tibetan Buddhists are devout believers, and making a pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain is their way of worshipping Nature. The pilgrims often come a long way, spinning their praying wheels. They would lie face down on the ground, as if to measure the road with their bodies, and kiss the earth at every step. Come rain, come shine, in the scorching sun or in the snow, they would continue with their pilgrimage, their hearts aglow until they reach the Holy Mountain, where they would find Heaven of their dreams.

Epilogue – Spirit of the Peacock
The peacock is a totem of worship for the Dai people, who call it the Sun Bird. It is also a symbol of love. Yang Liping has created a dance idiom that captures the movements and forms of the bird in the most vivid, graceful movements. Spirit of the Peacock expresses her yearning for a sacred and tranquil world. In this Epilogue of Dynamic Yunnan, she has incorporated her solo dance with a group dance to become an exquisite piece of choreography with highly original formations and sound and lighting effects. The result is an uplifting, soul-stirring dance that evokes peace and harmony in life.

Performance Group

Yang Liping Chief Choreographer/Artistic Director/Dancer
Dynamic Yunnan Song and Dance Troupe

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Thursday, September 9, 2010 - 12:00am - 9:45pm
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(+86 755) 86371698
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Shenzhen Poly Theatre
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