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MIS A Level Programme Open Day

Benefiting from 150 years of excellence in education, Merchiston International School strives to nurture, support and develop young people to fulfill their potential. Every student will leave MIS as a confident, resilient and compassionate global citizen who makes outstanding individual progress whilst understanding their responsibility to build a fairer, more inclusive and prosperous society.



A Level Programme Open Day 

A Level 课程开放日 

Date: Friday 23 November 2018            



Sign in Venue: The Castle Hall (3rd Floor)        

签到处:3楼The Castle Hall礼堂


Time 时间安排:

13:15              Sign in / 签到

13:30  14:30  Campus Tour led by our current Year 12 students / 十二年级在校生带领参观校园

14:30  15:15  Individual meetings with our Year 12 specialist teachers / 十二年级教师一对一会见

15:15  15:30  Introduction from our MIS University Counsellor Mr Andrew Mills / 大学升学导师Andrew Mills先生做课程介绍

15:30              Q&A / 问答时间


Register 报名联系

As places are limited only registered guests will be accommodated.  Please reply to the Admissions Department before 18:00 Tuesday 20 November.



Please contact admissions on:

报名电话: 400 867 0177

Email 邮件:

We can offer

l  The British A Level programme which is very highly regarded by global institutions and recognised as one of the most demanding, rigorous and rewarding qualification programmes in the world.  

l  The highly rated EPQ qualification which prepares students for university style learning.

l  A dedicated support team for Years 12 & 13 students including university and careers advisor, academic mentors and boarding house parents ensuring holistic development of young people.  

l  Bespoke support for student progression into higher education and employment. 

l  Highly qualified and experienced specialist staff in each teaching area. 

l  Small student to teacher ratio ensuring bespoke learning pathways for each student. 

l  Dedicated curriculum time in each subject to deepen and extend knowledge beyond the syllabus. 

l  Student leadership opportunities to help shape the school and support peers

l  State of the art facilities for learning, sports, activities and boarding. 

l  A focus on global citizenship and cultural fluency. 

l  An exceptionally well-resourced library and highly qualified librarian specialising in developing research and independent study skills. 

l  A flexible and broad programme of subject provision. 

l  A broad and enriching range of extra and super curricular activities. 

l  Links with world renowned universities and employers.  

l  A highly qualified team of EAL and AEN specialists to support each student to maximise his/her potential

l  High expectations of each student inside and outside the classroom.

l  A collaborative, student centered approach to learning.

l  Dedicated IELTs programme taught by expert practitioners.



  • ·      英式A Level课程被全球学术机构广泛认可,是公认世界范围内最为严格、严谨及享有盛誉的课程体系。
  • ·      EPQ(拓展研究项目证书)将为学生打好未来大学学习的课业基础,让学生提前感受并适应高校的学习风格。
  • ·      专业敬业的高中教师团队,包括大学及就业顾问、学术导师、寄宿老师等,确保学生的全面发展成长。
  • ·      为学生学业及未来就业提供个性化支持。
  • ·      各个学科均配有高素质的资深教师。
  • ·      较低的师生比例,确保每个学生得到充分的深入辅导。
  • ·      每个学科保证充足的专注学习时间,以拓展及深化教学内容。
  • ·      各类机会显著提升学生领导能力,进而促进学生成长、规范学校发展。
  • ·      先进的教学、运动、活动和寄宿设施。
  • ·      着重培养世界公民意识和文化交流能力。
  • ·      拥有藏书极丰富的现代化图书馆,及专业的图书馆管理人员致力于培养学生的调研及自习能力。
  • ·      多样且弹性化的课程计划设置。
  • ·      丰富多样的辅助课程和课外活动选择。
  • ·      与世界各地知名大学和企业建立联系。
  • ·      专业的学习辅导团队确保挖掘学生最大潜能。
  • ·      在课堂内外使学生展现最佳自我。
  • ·      互动协作性的、以学生为中心的教学方式。
  • ·      专家级教师教授雅思课程。

MIS University Counsellor 


Mr Andrew Mills

On my journey to Merchiston International School, I have been Head of Sixth Form at a London Academy, ranked within the top 10 state schools in the country, overseeing a cohort of 200 students across Years 12 and 13. Last academic year my team guided 94 students into university, with 90% gaining their first choice institution, including our highest ever number of students studying medicine.

I am extremely excited at the prospect of using my experience to develop the young people here at MIS. My role will be to provide each student with an individualised programme of support into university. This process will start in the November of their first academic year. Our pastoral team will monitor and track their academic progress and extra-curricular enrichment to ensure each student is on course to meet the high expectations we have for their future progression.

在加入深圳曼彻斯通城堡学校之前,我在东伦敦的City Academy Hackney学院担任高中校长一职。City Academy Hackney学院是英国排名前十的学校,高中(12、13年级)有超过200名学生。上一学年我所带领的团队辅导94名学生顺利进入大学,其中90%的学生被其第一志愿大学录取, 也是该校最多学生考取医科大学的一年。


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Friday, November 23, 2018 - 1:15pm - 3:30pm
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Free entry
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400 867 0177
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Merchiston International School, Shenzhen
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Merchiston International School Exterior

Merchiston International School (MIS) in Shenzhen is the first overseas campus of Merchiston Castle School, a top-ranked independent school located in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK with a glorious history of over 185 years.  MIS is also the first international school in Shenzhen providing an authentic British education and boarding system.

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No. 12 Shilongzai Road, Dalang Sub-district, Longhua District, Shenzhen
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