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Let's visit the widest waterfall in Asia and the most beautiful village in Guangzhou on August 24



Qianlonggou Grand Waterfall



Qianlonggou Grand Waterfall, located in Jincun, Liangkou Town, Conghua District, Guangzhou, is the widest waterfall in Asia, with a drop of more than 80 meters and a width of more than 290 meters.


Summer is the most spectacular time of the waterfall, and here is a summer resort, when we are suffering from 35 degrees of high temperature, but here is only more than 20 degrees, cooler than air conditioning, more than watermelon to relieve the heat!


The best viewing time of Qianlonggou Grand Waterfall is after 1:00 pm. Sunlight shines directly at the bottom of the valley, reflecting light from the cliffs and the pools in the ditches, forming a unique landscape - Cliff Rainbow.


Bamboo forests, waterfalls, and streams, it is a really nice place to flee heat and take pictures.


The stream in the scenic area is also a good place to play in water. You can take off your shoes and go down to the cool stream to play and make fun, and find the feeling of childhood.




Xitou Village - One of the most beautiful villages in Guandong



Xitou Village, located in the northeast of Liangkou Town, Conghua, is one of the three sources of Liuxi River, which is also known as "the most beautiful village in Guangzhou".


Every weekend, a large number of tourists come to Xitou Village to play, in addition to the natural beauty around the village, but also because there are many delicious food and novel things.


Various seasonal fruits, local medicinal materials, as well as characteristic bamboo wine, some bamboo products.


The salted tofu flower here is also very recommended. You can put soy sauce, chili sauce, ginger syrup, the so-called one tofu and multiple flavors, no you can't eat, only you can't think of it!







07:40     深大地铁站A2出口

08:05     少年宫A1出口集合出发,领队介绍行程,队员们自我介绍认识新朋友

11:00     到达溪头村,沿着青石古巷走进村子,去品尝溪头村各种美食,看看各种新奇的玩意儿

12:00     集合去吃午饭

13:30     上车前往千泷沟大瀑布景区,景区内自由活动,竹林、瀑布等美景可尽情观赏,拍照。可凭票坐观光车上到半山腰再徒步上去山顶看大瀑布,也可以自费搭电瓶车上到山顶,单程10元。

16:30     上车返程

19:00     回到深圳










235元/人 。










[Activity Time] 2019.8.24



07:40 Shenzhen University Metro Station Exit A2

08:05 Children's Palace Metro Station Exit A1. The leader will introduce the trip, and team members introduce themselves and make new friends    

11:00 Arrive at Xitou Village, walk into the village along bluestone ancient lane, taste various delicacies of Xitou Village, and see kinds of novel things.

12:00 Gather together for lunch

13:30 Get on the bus and go to Qianlonggou Grand Waterfall scenic area. It is free time, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of bamboo forest and waterfall and take pictures. You can take a sightseeing bus to the hillside by ticket and then walk up to the top of the hill to see the waterfall. You can also take a battery car to the top of the hill at your own expense for a one-way trip of 10 yuan.

16:30 Get on the bus and back to shenzhen

19:00 Reture to shenzhen 


[Equipment Requirements]

Hiking shoes (climbing shoes, sports shoes), shoulder backpacks, A change of clothes, trekking pole, knee pads, umbrella, cameras, power bank, etc.


[Food and water]

Food: take some snacks you like

Water: 1.5L (increase or decrease according to individual drinking amount), 500ml functional beverage


[Activity costs]

235 yuan / person

Including round trip bus, Qianlonggou Grand Waterfall scenic area ticket, Lunch fee, team leader service fee and insurance fee. If you buy your own insurance, please specify.  If the activity is cancelled due to force majeure, a full refund will be made.


[Sign up]

Please add the wechat below  to sign up, and please provide full name, mobile phone number, passport number , birthday and pick up place

[Activity note]

1.Minimun attendants: 20 people. If the number of registered people is less than 20, the activity will be cancelled.

2. If the weather is bad, the activity will be delayed or cancelled.


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