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How can pigs end poverty?

How can Pigs End Poverty?


Every donation - big or small makes a difference. Every time a total of 1,800 RMB is raised for the "Pigs for Poverty" project, another single mom and her household will receive 2 piglets, training and support. This will start her on a proven path to a poverty free future. 


Since 2013, over 380 families had benefited from this project.


What Does the Benefited Family Said?

“The pigs have been a great support to us. My daughter is confident that she will be able to help us grow our small pig business to keep increasing our income. I truly agree this is a safe and sustainable way for my daughter and me to earn a good income. Thank you very much for supporting us. We will never forget your help and support.”- Ms Peng(one of 100 beneficiaries of Pig project 2017), She is a single mother who lives with her adopted 16yr old daughter. In a recent visit/inspection, her 2 pigs had produced 8 piglets. She sold 7 and made 5,000 RMB income.


What does 1,800 RMB Provide?

1. Two quality breeding sows

2. Training

3. Program management & support



Why Pigs?

1. The manure can fertilize the soil and improve crop yields
2. When the breeding sows mature, they can each produce up to 15-20 piglets a year. Through selling baby pigs, it can improve the income of the single mom and support her children's education.
3. The family can choose to raise some of the baby pigs till they mature, then sell at market. The extra income can increase savings for emergency use. 


How Can i Get Involved?


Join in our "Pigs End Poverty" support family


Scan to donate

8、18、88、188 or 1,800 RMB

Every 1,800RMB raised 2 cute breeding sows

and a single mom household in Qinghai on their way to a poverty free future

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