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Go hiking on coastline in Huizhou on August 17


Heipaijiao, located in Huidong County, Huizhou City, is one of the most beautiful coastlines in Guangdong Province. The whole coastline is covered with long, layered, fish-pattern black reefs.


Heipaijiao has a lot of high tide, because of its special geographical location, there will be big waves every day. Many times you can see the waves produced by the sea water hitting the boulders, which is very spectacular.


Most of the beaches in Heipaijiao are black, and the shallow sea water is like a huge mirror in the sunlight, reflecting the blue sky. This is the "mirror of the sky" view of Heipaijiao.


You can also pick up shells here and catch crabs. . .



Route outline: leisure level, suitable for new hikers, less difficult than dongxichong crossing, the length is about 12km, will spend about 6 hours. Most of the route is on the beach, and there are about 1km of mountain roads in the middle. There are three shops on the way to supply.






08:00 深大地铁站A2出口

08:25 白石龙地铁站B出口

08:55 丹竹头地铁站A出口集合出发,领队介绍行程,队员们自我介绍认识新朋友    

11:00 到达徒步起点,休整,上卫生间,开始徒步

12:30 在海滩休息,吃午餐(自带干粮),吃完可以在沙滩上尽情玩耍捡贝壳!

13:30 继续徒步

17:00 到达终点,休整,上卫生间

17:30 上车返程,分享行程中趣事和美图

20:00 回到深圳










118元/人 。










[Activity Time] 2019.8.17



08:00 Shenzhen University Metro Station exit A2 

08:25 Baishilong Metro Station exit B 

08:55 Danzhutou Metro Station exit A, the leader will introduce the trip, and team members introduce themselves  and make new friends

11:00 Arrive at the starting point, rest, go to the bathroom, and then start hiking.

12:30 Rest at the beach, have lunch (bring your own dry food), and enjoy playing and picking shells on the beach!

13:30 Continue hiking

17:00 Arrive at the end, rest and go to the bathroom

17:30 Get on the bus and go back to Shenzhen, please share interesting things in the trip and pictures

20:00 Return to Shenzhen


[Equipment Requirements]

Long-sleeved clothes, A change of clothes, hiking shoes (climbing shoes, sports shoes), shoulder backpacks, climbing sticks, knee pads, hats, headscarves, sunglasses, gloves, disposable raincoats, cameras, power bank, etc.


[Food and water]

Food: bread, mixed congee, beef jerky, fruit, pickles, Snickers chocolate and other snacks (you can take whatever you like)

Water: 2L (increase or decrease according to individual drinking), 500ml energy drink, 500ml standby water


[Activity costs]

118yuan / person

Including round trip bus, team leader service fee and insurance fee. If you buy your own insurance, please specify.  If the activity is cancelled due to force majeure, a refund will be made.


[Sign up]

Please add below wechat to sign up, and please provide full name, mobile phone number, passport number, birthday and pick up place

[Activity note]

1.Minimun attendants: 20 people. If the number of registered people is less than 20, the activity will be cancelled

2. If the weather is bad, the activity will be delayed or cancelled


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Let's go hiking with people from all over the world!


Event Details

Event Date: 
Saturday, August 17, 2019 (All day)
Pricing Info: 
118 rmb
Booking Phone Number: 
+86 13590480634
call us: +86-755-3395-5850