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Show me your putonghua! Join our Chinese reading competition!外国人朗读大赛报名啦!

如果你会说普通话,如果你正在学中文,如果你想挑战自己更好的发音,   那就快报名参加——汉林语言中心第一届中文朗读比赛!用你的普通话赢走好礼吧!外国朋友们,期待你们的好声音!我们欢迎所有的外国朋友参加!也希望你能鼓励身边的外国朋友一起来玩!

Reading out loud is one of the most useful ways to practice when you are learning a foreign language. If you want to improve your fluency, you should read a lot, and not silently but out loud!This competition is to encourage all the Chinese learners to read Chinese out loud. And we hope to introduce the importance of reading out loud when learning Chinese.Also, we have brilliant prize for the top three participants !!We look forward to hearing from you reading Chinese stories, poet, tongue twister, lyrics etc.

汉林语言中心第一届中文朗读比赛,将通过在线投票的方式选出三名参赛者并送上以下奖品:We would post the record on our official account anonymously and ask people to vote for the reading. The top three will get the prize below:

一等奖 First prize 

3小时汉语一对一课程(价值600元,蛇口或福田校区)3 hours one-to-one Chinese lesson  (value 600 RMB,Shekou or Futian campus)

 二等奖 Second prize 

现金300元Cash 300 RMB

 三等奖 Third prize

《新HSK分级词典》一本 (价值86元)《A dictionary of 5000 graded words for new HSK》(value 86RMB)

参赛流程 Timeline

1.选择朗读材料(文末) Choose a reading material (at the bottom)

  1. 2.录音为mp3文件命名方式:姓名国籍(如:Tom美国)Record then name your file with your name and nationality
  2. 3. 7月29日19:00前发送录音mp3至邮箱Send your record before 19:00 29th July to
  3. 4. 8月1日hlc公众号推送参赛作品(仅出现作品编号及参赛者国籍)We will post the anonymous record on HLC official account on the 1st August
  4. 5. 8月1日 ~ 8月10日在线投票Vote online from 1st -10th August
  5. 请选择1-10号朗读文选其中一篇:

    Please choose one material from 1-10:











    Please contact me if you interested to know more about the details.



Event Details

Event Date: 
Wednesday, July 17, 2019 - 9:00am - Wednesday, July 31, 2019 - 9:00pm
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Free entry
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Hanlin Language Center
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 Hanlin Language Center      HLC 汉林


Hanlin Language Center is a professional language school. It is located near Peninsula, with only 5 minutes walk to Dongjiaotou station. Hanlin has comfortable environment and is equipped with comprehensive facilities, including activity room, which makes it possible to hold various cultural activities. Read more »

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706, 7F, Building A, Li'an Business Tower, Wanghai Road, Shekou (Dongjiao tou station Exit A)
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+86 (755) 21616006
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Address: 706, 7F, Building A, Li'an Business Tower, Wanghai Road, Shekou (dōng jiǎo tóu station Exit A)深圳蛇口望海路利安商务大厦 A 座 706(东角头 A 出口,中国海关旁蓝色大楼)
call us: +86-755-3395-5850