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One day trip to explore Foshan︱去佛山吧



Time flys ~ summer break is ending soon, before going back to work, why not join us for this amazing trip to Foshan Guangdong and enjoin the unique culture?

Foshan is known as the land of Ceramic Art, Kungfu and delicious food, it’s also the birth place of Chinese lion dance culture, Cantonese opera and Guangfu culture. Foshan is one of the famous historical and cultural cities in China.



时间:2019年8月24日 星期六 8:00-20:00

Time: 8:00-20:00 24th August 2019 Saturday

费用:335 RMB

Fee :335 RMB


Gathering place: Exit A2, Shenzhen University metro station


南风古灶+祖庙 门票 Entrance tickets for Nanfeng kiln & Zu temple  35 RMB

全天包车费 Rented bus 200 RMB

导游费 Guide fee 100 RMB

合计 Total 335 RMB


Note: meals fee and personal consumption is not include



Shiwan ceremics museum


SHIWAN ceramics museum is the first museum in GUANGDONG which has pottery culture as the theme. Near the museum is a large pottery hall. Visitors can not only enjoy the ancient wood-burning techniques and unique skills of shiwan pottery creation, but also experience the fun of pottery making and wood burning, having close contact with master potters.

the ancient Nanfeng Kiln



In the past, Shiwan people usually made ceramics wares in “dragon kiln”. Dragon kilns was usually built on hillsides so the slope can adjust the fire. When people look from a distance, it looks like a giant dragon falling from the sky, that’s why it is called “dragon kiln”.


The ancient Nanfeng Kiln is the national key cultural relics protection units. Besides, it is recognized by Guinness World Records as “the oldest firewood kiln which still can be utilized today” and known as a living cultural relics.



DONGHUA STREET is the best-preserved ancient street in Foshan with a history of over 150 years, which is also the settlement of dignitary and wealthy businessmen. In 2008, the buildings in DONGHUA STREET is restored as it was before while it is rebuilt to a new integrated block consisting of four part: culture, tourism, residence and business.


SHIWAN CHATEAU: the vintage wines YUBINGSHAO is sold here. The secret of YUBINGSHAO is the last special process of wine making:rice wine is introduced into large urns (the urns must be produced in foshan) and then about 100 kilograms of fat pork need to be soaked in the wine. After marinating for several months, the wine gets pure and clear so it is called YUBINGSHAO.(clear like jade, pure like ice, but taste like fire)




Dragon and Lion Literary Hall

There are around 100 lion status exhibiting here.They are perfect combination of traditional lion & dragon culture and modern culture.


LIXIJI/FOSHANGONG:FOSHAN indigenous brands established more than 100 years ago. You can buy all kinds of FOSHAN specialty in these two store.


WENHUILI wedding house: the local people love wedding pomp and glitzy decor so many family prefer to rent wedding house to hold wedding ceremony, which is a unique wedding ritual in FOSHAN.


祖庙  the third stop : ZU TEMPLE


Zu temple is for the north emperor, it’s built in Song dynasty, Zu temple became the characteristic temple there in Qing dynasty.


Southern lion dance comes from the traditional folk culture of NANHAI. According to the folk custom, it can drive demon and ghost away.


Lion dance form a fierce lion image by dancer’s movement and lion action need two dancer’s cooperation.The appearance of the southern lion is taken from the stone lion sculptures in tang dynasty.


Southern lion dance highlights a feeling of "wake up". Dancers are trained to show three  powerful movement(rush, jump and plunge)clearly and softly. "Plucking the greens" is always the climax of  lion dance because the dancers will form a high human ladder.


In Guangdong, having late night dim sum is one of the most important social activities. 


Normally old people prefer to have dim sum in the morning, this activity is called zaocha, whereas young people prefer the late night snacks called wancha. Having late night dim sum with friends after a long day is a very good way to recharge yourself and get ready for the next day.




DON’T forget to bring your ID card or passport.


Please bring some cash with you.


Please arrive at the gathering place on time. Late participants will not be waited for.


Please follow the instruction of our guide. We are not responsible for safety problem due to private actions.

Please contact us for more details:



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Saturday, August 24, 2019 - 8:00am - 10:00pm
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