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Let’s go to the Spring Festival Flower Market

Let’s go to the Spring Festival Flower Market

Spring festival is coming. Hanlin Language center provides some useful information for you to celebrate the new year in China. Strolling around flower market is one of the most important tradition in Guangdong. Here comes some information about this tradition event.

Time:From  21st Jan  to 27th Jan

The Location for flower markets in different district:

Futian district: 深圳花卉世界

Luohu district: 太安路花木场 or 湖贝东门市场西边

Baoan district: 新安六路与新湖路交汇处

Nanshan district:荷兰花卉小镇 or 深港花卉中心

Longgang district: 东部花卉世界

The Flower Market (A market for people to buy some flowers and gardening supplies to decorate their houses to celebrate this Spring Festival.)There are various activities in different parts of China to celebrate Spring Festival. And in Guangdong Province, with a long history, the Spring Festival Flower Market is unique and famous in China.The market usually is held for a few days before Jan.1st in lunar calendar. All of the same family love to stroll around the flower market in a good shiny day, take some delicious snacks or buy some things to decorate their rooms.  

Chinese people attach importance to the good meaning of everything and they prefer to use the following plants to decorate their yards and balconies for their good meaning.

Kumquats,  having countless fruits, symbolizes money and treasures can be plentiful.

Yellow chrysanthemum flowers have the meanings of propitiatory, longevity and reunion.

Daffodils can exist even in severe winter just with some cobbles and water, thus regarded as the essential flower in Spring Festival. They mean purity and friendship in China.

The gold berry is regarded as good health of all the family members

Peach blossom it means you want to have a love romance and find your Mr right  in the following year.

In addition to flowers or some other potting plants,  people can buy some indoor decorations in the market.

If you feel tired when strolling around the flower market, why not take some snacks in the concession stand?

We will not organize this event but only provide this great information for you. You can go with your friend and family. If you have any question related to this topic, please feel free to contact us. Thank you very much.

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