Friday Bionic Brew Tap Takeover at The Pub + Special Deal



We’re stoked for Shekou’s new craft beer hangout with their industrial vibes, wide selection of good beer and delicious food. We’re bringing four of our most popular beers to put on taps, check out the deal:







 游手好闲 Bionic Crickside


啤酒名 Beer Name: 游手好闲 Crickside

风格 Beer Style: 黄金爱尔

原麦汁浓度 Plato: 11%

酒精度 ABV: 5.0%

苦度 IBU: 22

外观 The Look: 浅黄,麦穗色 Pale yellow, straw

味道 The Taste: 清脆,淡柑橘味 Crisp, lightly citrusy

酒花 Hops: Centennial, Warrior


A golden ale style light beer with a slightly grainy texture. The best choice for a starter and perfect for the next pint. Extremely potable and stylishly emphatic.  


百优爱尔 Bionic Ale



啤酒名 Beer Name: 百优爱尔 Bionic Ale

风格 Beer Style: 美式淡爱尔 American Pale Ale

原麦汁浓度 Plato: 12.8%

酒精度 ABV: 5.6%

苦度 IBU: 28

外观 The Look:淡琥珀色  Lightly amber

味道 The Taste: 麦芽味,柑橘味,水果味 Malty, citrusy, fruity

酒花 Hops: Amarillo, Simcoe, Warrior


High drinkability and eloquent hoppyness with tropical overtones best describe this outstanding example of an American pale ale 


游手好闲苹果酒 Field Day Cider



啤酒名 Beer Name: 郊游时光苹果酒 Field Day Cider

风格 Beer Style: 西打苹果酒 Hard Cider

原麦汁浓度 Plato: 0 %

酒精度4.9%,苦味指数 0,酒体轻盈 | 4.9% ABV, IBU 0, Light Body.

淡淡奶油焦糖香,清爽苹果味 Butter caramel, refreshing apple flavor.


南疆小麦 Sofro Wheat


啤酒名 Beer Name: 南疆小麦 Sofro Wheat

风格 Beer Style: 德式小麦啤酒 German Hefeweizen

原麦汁浓度 Plato: 11.7ºP

酒精度 ABV: 5.2%

酒精度 IBU: 10

外观 The Look: straw-coloured, hazy 麦色,雾状

味道 The Taste: 清爽,混合香蕉和丁香味道,口感丝滑 refreshing, interwine of banana and cloves, silky mouthfeel 



Event Details



活动时间: 19:00 - 24:00

地点:深圳市南山区蛇口工业六路九号 圈创101 一楼




Date:Friday, October 13

Tap Takeover Time : 7PM - 24PM

Location :

QC Community(Quanchuang 101), 

No.9, Gongye 6th.rd,Shekou,

Nanshan District,Shenzhen

Special :

4 Bionic Brew beers

for 120RMB 








Event Details

Event Date: 
Friday, October 13, 2017 - 7:00pm - Saturday, October 14, 2017 - 1:00am
Pricing Info: 
Free entry
Booking Phone Number: 
Place Address (English/Chinese): 
QC Community(Quanchuang 101), No.9, Gongye 6th.rd,Shekou, Nanshan District,Shenzhen
call us: +86-755-3395-5850