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Charity Bootcamp F45 x Karuna Rescue x Hash


We might regret that last slice of pizza, and we might regret going down a YouTube rabbit hole through the night before a work day.

But "I totally regret doing that workout" is a phrase no one said ever.



F45 Training Shekou and Karuna Rescue have just made getting one of your weekly exercise sessions in even more regret-free. At the F45 Charity Bootcamp to be held Sunday, Oct. 28 from 4:15 - 5:30 p.m. at Shekou Sport Center,conscientious community members can work out for a great cause.





The event that keeps giving back.

The bootcamp is more than a 1-hour workout with F45's elite coaches. 


You will also get:

  • An entrance gift for all attendees

  • A one-week trial coupon to F45 Shekou

  • A chance to win one of five Hash #fitpack gear packs (priced at 699rmb)


Karuna Rescue

Karuna Rescue, a completely donations-based foreign-run animal welfare organization in Shenzhen, currently has 54 dogs under their care. Their specialty is in rehoming dogs, the majority of which were rescued from the dog meat trade. 

Karuna Rescue needs donations as well as volunteers. People interested in volunteering to visit and walk rehabilitating dogs and help dogs get adopted can get in touch with Karuna Rescue via the QR code below:


to know more:
Rescuers rehabilitate meat truck dogs

Kindness towards animals good for business






The HASH #Social, creates cultural communities of people with a shared lifestyle passion for fitness, fashion, music and arts.

 HASH looks to expand beyond running, merging social, creativity and community to inspire and connect the enthusiasts and influencers who enjoy them. Bringing together a SQUAD that shares a passion to a life well-lived.




I am sure you alre

ady know anout us:
the worldwide F45 Training:

F45 Training is an Australian workout sensation that has made its way to Shenzhen. With over 1,200 locations in 38 countries, F45 Training is loved because more than just a fitness studio, they are a premium fitness product that aids you in supporting a holistic lifestyle changes, starting with combining HIIT and circuit training. The F45 Program is guaranteed to lower body fat percentage and build lean muscle. Let's start from here!


Questions? Email us at 

or message us via wechat: F45SZshekou




Event Details

Event Date: 
Sunday, October 28, 2018 - 4:15pm - 5:30pm
Pricing Info: 
Tickets are priced at 108rmb and proceeds go towards Karuna Rescue, Shenzhen's friendly neighborhood animal welfare taskforce.
Booking Phone Number: 
Place Address (English/Chinese): 
45, Gongyuan Road, Nanshan District,Shekou 蛇口市南山区公园路45号
call us: +86-755-3395-5850