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Singularity Festival 2019 Shenzhen Station

The 3rd Singularity Festival Call for Entries

【Foreigner Registration】

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Design Society

Singularity Festival 2019 · SHENZHEN will take place on the 12 – 14 April, at the Horizon Hall of Sea World Culture & Arts Center, Shenzhen, China.

Singularity Festival sponsored by Singularity Plan, it's the most important event in the field of independent illustrations and comics in China. The 2019 SZ edition will mark the art environment with indie artist in China are growing. The participants at Singularity Festival are offered access to clientele who known indie art. Beyond the event, Singularity Festival is an special platform that encourages and creates a dialogue between artists and their public.

Singularity Festival

Singularity Plan sponsored a popular and promotional art project featuring independent illustrations and comics.
It develops the professional career of independent artists in a unique way, so that the artistic spirit of independent creation can be explored and disseminated.

Singularity Plan (Guangzhou)

Singularity Plan·Base: Promote the works of artists participating in the Singularity Festival in the form of galleries, contract works of artists of Singularity Plan and related independent artists.
Singularity Plan·Space: (Beijing Road)Curated by Singularity Plan, individual or joint exhibitions of artists are held.


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  • Singularity Plan Information Center, with art shops selling works of artists worldwide.
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  • Discovering and disseminating works of art created independently.
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Singularity Festival promises not to charge artists any fees for participating in the exhibition. We select artists worldwide.
Singularity Plan organizing committee will select artists who can represent the spirit of independent creation to participate in the exhibition, regardless of their fame and seniority. 
We do not judge the work, nor are we qualified to judge it. We just choose all the creators who conform to the singularity artistic temperament and have independent creative state to participate in the exhibition.


Participation condition

Illustrators or comics artists, art practitioners, individuals, studios and art groups with related works all over the world. No age limit.


The following three points must be met at the same time
Works related to illustrations or cartoons
Including sellable paintings, prints, prints, sculptures, devices, toys in any form.
Around the artwork
Including sellable, painting-based ZINE, prints, toys, stickers, etc.
Exhibiting artists themselves
Must be on site during the exhibition


  • The originality and systematicness of the works; the state of independent creative spirit; the author's creative attitude; unlimited style 
  • On the basis of works, there are related works of art around, on-site sellable works and the surrounding areas.
  • Past artists participating in Singularity Festival need to submit new works.
  • Compliance with relevant laws and regulations

Official Channel
Public Number Singularity Plan
[Pay immediate attention to the first channel of information dissemination]

  • Facebook-Singularity Festival
  • Instagram-@singularityplan
  • Weibo - @ Singularity Plan

Official mailbox -


[Warm Tips]
The right of final interpretation of this activity belongs to Singularity Plan.

  • _Before filling in the registration form, please prepare not less than 10 pictures of the works and not less than 5 pictures of the periphery of the works sold on the spot. The size of the pictures should be controlled within 3M of the single sheet.
  • Must ensure that the work is original, if there are plagiarism, illegal works found on the scene, immediately cancel the eligibility to participate in the exhibition.
  • Due to the limited location of the venue, it is not guaranteed that all applicants can participate in the exhibition.
  • After registration, you need to pass the selection to participate in the exhibition. Confirmation information is based on official mail.
  • Singularity Plan provides free booths (including booth frame, tables and chairs) and travel expenses. Exhibitors should arrange their booths one day in advance.
  • Singularity Festival is not just a exhibition. Please bring your paintings and related works for sale around it. Enrollment should be based on illustrations or comics. The exhibition space is determined by the quantity of works, and is allocated reasonably after being selected. During the event, the exhibitors communicate with the audience in the form of individual exhibitions. The non-force majeure losers will be included in the blacklist permanently.
  • Artists take the registration system to participate in the exhibition. Singularity Plan does not invite artists to participate in the exhibition. SP artists still need to register.
  • The premise of submitting the surrounding works of art is that there are enough paintings on the spot for exhibition and sale, and only submitting the names of the non-paintings around the works of art is considered invalid. Please do not register for jewelry/small commodities and other products.

Singularity Festival 2019 · SHENZHEN will take place on the 12 – 14 April, at the Horizon Hall of Sea World Culture & Arts Center, Shenzhen, China.


[Key Date]
2019/3/1: "24:00" Closed
2019/3/8: Publish the List
2019/4/11: Artists Exhibition Day
Singularity Festival 2019 Shenzhen Station


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Event Details

Event Date: 
Friday, April 12, 2019 (All day) - Sunday, April 14, 2019 (All day)
Pricing Info: 
Free entry
Booking Phone Number: 
Booking online
Place Name (Optional): 
Shekou Sea World Culture and Arts Center
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 Shekou Sea World Culture and Arts Center

The Sea World Culture and Arts Center is the first building by Maki and Associates in China. Designed in 2011, every aspect of the building was crafted to reflect its function as a premiere public institution, as well as to make a connection between Sea World, Nüwa Coastal Park and the coastline. Read more »

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Design Society, Sea World Culture an Arts Center, 1187 Wanghai Road, Shekou, Nanshan, Shenzhen
Place Phone: 
+86 (0755)26021175
call us: +86-755-3395-5850