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NSIC | See the Musée du Louvre-Like Museum in SZ

Steel Structure Museum is the FIRST and the ONLY museum themed steel structure in China.



By referring to the entrance of the Musée du Louvre in Franc, the museum uses steel and the new glass to build its outer appearance, which is environmentally-friendly and also setting an good example on using the steel structure.


What is steel?

You may answer, ‘it’s a kind of construction material.’
Can you give some examples?
It’s hard for people to think of some examples temporarily, however, steel has always been very popular in buildings and bridges due to its strong tenacity and good plasticity.

Such as:

The Qiantangjiang River Bridge in Hangzhou city, hejiang Province, China

Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Memorial Hall in Guangzhou, China


The Crystal Palace in the UK

The Brooklyn Bridge in the USA

The Empire State Building in the USA


The Golden Gate Bridge in the USA


The Eiffel Tower in France


The above are the well-known steel bridges and buildings and you can know more about them during this visit.


The most exciting thing is that
You don’t need to go abroad to see the masterpiece --
The steel member left after World Trade Center collapsed during the terrorist attack on September 11. 2001,
Donated by its proprietor the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey


You can also know

·The concept, advantage and the development of steel structure worldwide
·How steel structure industry has developed in different countries
·History of steel structure
·Introduction of the design and manufacturing of steel structure
·3D printing
·How steel structure is applied in construction and installation



That is all?
Without interaction with the audience,
it can't be a good museum.

·Walk across the bridge that resembles the “Waibaidu Bridge in Shanghai”
·A vivid case study on CITIC Tower of China Zun in Beijings
·Games including bridge Constructor, 3D Building Blocks, Blasting Specialists and Site Porter
·And 1 virtual tour to the construction site of Shenzhen’s tallest building Ping An Finance Center.


The Steel Structure Museum provides dual language services in brochures and guide tour.
Also, there will be some young volunteers to tell you more behind the museum.
Still have some questions during the visit?
Our staff with proficient English skills will help you!


Plus, it is also a great chance for parents to bring their children to broaden their horizons here!
For photography lovers, it's also a rare opportunity!


Scan the QR code or click the link to sign up!

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019 - 2:00pm - 5:00pm
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Free entry
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Nanshan International Cultural Exchange & Service Center
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