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Craft: The Reset

Craft: The Reset


-A portrait of craft as a pioneering strength in contemporary design and culture

-The second feature exhibition in the Main Gallery of Design Society

-Featuring over 50 exhibitors and more than 100 works in a large-scale spectacle 

-Four themes: Craft Revival, Craft Methodologies, Craft Innovation, Crafting a Better World 

-Exploring the new world full of craft potential 


Design Society is honored to announce the new major exhibition Craft: The Reset opening on 15 September and will last until March 2019. Over 50 exhibitors, including Alan Chan, Zhu Zheqin, Jeff Shidayu, Michael Young, SHANGXIA, Yang Mingjie, Zhang Yonghe, Shao Fan, Liu Jianhua etc., will present more than 100 works in the large-scale space of the main exhibition hall.


Craft: The Reset is a large scale exhibition about the reawakening of crafts in contemporary design and society. Following the inaugural exhibition Minding the Digital on the impact of digital innovation about human society’s at Design Society’s Main Gallery, it investigates the widening possibilities of crafts as an equally important creative impulse for China’s future innovation.


Ole Bouman, director of Design Society stated: “It’s a new narrative, coming from the most pioneering minds in society and the design field. It’s a narrative not as a regression, falling back into the trap of nostalgia, but as a future oriented design, based new ways of living, on new business models, new application of digital technologies and, yes, a new cultural sensitivity of the need to save the planet and cultivate vibrant communities to ensure its future stewardship. That’s why we call this exhibition Craft: the Reset, to showcase how Craft is being re-energized by attracting the strongest talents for its act of rebirthing.”


At Design Society’s Main Gallery, covering more than 1200sqm over two floors of 9.5m height, this exhibition explores contemporary applications of crafts in over 100 local and international design practices, representing this new awareness in a wide and multi-disciplinary range of applications: from traditional and folk crafts, to completely new crafts of the future. It will feature established names such as Zhu Zheqin, Alan Chan and Yang Mingjie, and famous brands such as SHANGXIA and Dragonfly Design (Jeff Shidayu), showing their practices from new perspectives, and how crafts serve as an important creative impulse in their works. It will also introduce a new generation of designers shaping contemporary crafts at the forefront of China’s creative scene such as PINWU and Zhang Junjie. In total 11 new works were created specifically for this exhibition, including Cloud from celebrated Chinese contemporary artist Liu Jianhua.


Approaching crafts from four distinct angles, Craft: The Resetevaluates how creative practices are reinvigorating crafts from within, using this medium as an interface to engage with larger themes in contemporary society. It explores how designers create new lifestyles with crafts. In this context, we ask how designers are relating to the past through traditional crafts, how they are engaging with materials, how crafts are being innovated or are a channel for new innovation, and how crafts represent a new idealism and responsibility. Each section shows how designers are thinking through crafts, showing a new spirit or attitude towards detail, time, culture, skill, value and connection.


Craft: The Reset will be on exhibition until February 19, 2019. For further information please check our official website designsociey.cnand WeChat official account “设计互联DesignSociety”.




Exhibition Information:

Craft: The Reset

Opening: September 8, 2018

Exhibition duration: September 16, 2018 - February 19, 2019


Participants (Listed in no particular order)

Alan Chan、PINWU + Rong Design Library、Jeff Shidayu (Dragonfly Design Center)、Dadawa (KANJIAN Creation)、Zheng Wenqing、Zheng Jing、Michael Young for Gorbon、SHANGXIA、Zhang Da (BOUNDLESS) + Summerwood、Jamy Yang、Yung Ho Chang (Work provided by QM furniture)、Shao Fan、Wu Yongping、ATLAS Studio、Donn Holohan (HKU)、FFIXXED STUDIOS、Henny van Nistelrooy、Klaas Kuiken and Dieter Volkers、Kristof Crolla (CUHK)、Celia Yeh Yi Hsin (CUHK)、Julie & Jesse、Lin Li、Nicole Goymann、Jeffrey Stephen Miller and Thomas Schmidt(Recycled China)、Sky Yutaka、Zhang Junjie (SOZEN)、Studio Florian & Christine、Tiffany Pattinson、Huo Yijin、Jian Huang、Ani Liu、BENWU Studio、Chen Min、Chuan Ma、Fanglu Lin(Miss Lin Studio)、2014GAFA Decorative arts department /Instructor: Wang Chao、Sally Lin、Jesvin Yeo、klee klee (naze naze)、Summerwood + JNBY、Summerwood + Liu Yanyuan (Mobius Studio)、Summerwood + Renli Su、Tag UX Design、Zhang Na (Lala)、Shen Wenjiao, Zhang Dawei(SOSO Studio)、Xin Yaoyao、Andy Yuk(Shanghai International Institute of Design and Innovation)、Zhou Jiwei、Fu Xiutao、Ge Wei、Hou Xiaohui、Liu Jianhua




Opening Hours


Monday-Sunday 10:00-22:00


Sunday - Thursday 10:00-22:00

Friday - Saturday 10:00-22:30

Stop selling tickets 30minutes prior to the Gallery closing




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Ling Gu Director of Communication | Design Society | China Merchants Shekou Holdings

E | M +86-139 1672 3974


Vikko Chen | Poe-Jay Arts & Communication

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About Design Society

Design Society is the first Integrated operation institution with an art and design theme established by China Merchants Shekou Holdings. It's also the pioneering and unique collaboration between CMSK and the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London. As a creative innovation convergence platform, Design Society dedicates to present rich variety of cultural activities, to create outstanding cultural experience for public and contributes to operate the Sea World Culture and Arts Center as a new destination and cultural landmark for exploring design and art, an ideal place for promoting the development of creative design industry in Shenzhen. Design Society has produced many large-scale exhibitions, such as the digital art experienced exhibition: Minding the Digital; the semi-permanent V&A collection exhibition: Values of Design; the Fumihiko Maki's fifty-years architectural design retrospective exhibition: Nurturing Dreams in Recent Work: Fumihiko Maki+Maki and Associates and so on.


About Sea World Culture and Arts Center

The Sea World Culture & Arts Center operated by Design Society seeking to create a unique cultural experience for the general public, to build a public space dedicated to design and activating design as an inspiration for life and society. With its world-class exhibitions, diverse interactive events and experiential shopping atmosphere, its objective is to bring to the public a new sense of quality and way of life. Its creative ecology of public events, shops and restaurants, where interaction and novelty are guiding principles. People can shop, watch, play, participate, or relax and be nurtured.

As the first building by Maki and Associates in China, the Sea World Culture and Arts Center houses exhibition spaces at the Main Gallery, V&A Gallery, Park View Gallery, Shenzhen UCCN Exchange Center with six exhibition halls, Shekou Museum of Chinese Reform and Opening, and Shenzhen Guanfu Museum; multipurpose event spaces as the Mountain View stepped Theater and the multi-functional release space Horizon Hall with a panorama sea view of the Shenzhen Bay; and a series creative-themed education, dining, lifestyle experience places.

The Sea World Culture and Arts Center has been listed in the Top 100 Greatest Places announced by TIME, New York; the Lonely Planet"Top10 Global New Cultural Destination 2017"; TEA and AECOMs jointly issue "the Global New Museum List 2017" (as the only institution of China in the list) and the Asia Pacific Cultural Destination of the LCD (Leading Culture Destinations) Awards.

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Sunday, September 16, 2018 - 11:01am - Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 1:01pm
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Design Society
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