Malatinszky Wine Estate Organic wine tasting

Event details 酒会简介: Introduction of Mr Csaba Malatinszky organic wine maker and his winery, introduction and tasting of the 5 red + 1 dessert wines, comparing the new vintages with the old vintages, all with Chinese translation. At the event we will serve cheese, nuts and water. 介绍Malatinszky Csaba先生的有机酒酿造过程及他的酒庄,介绍酒并品酒。所有内容均配中文翻译。我们还提供水和小吃。

Wines 葡萄酒:

-          Malatinszky Signature Cuvée混酿酒2013

-          Malatinszky Noblesse Cabernet Sauvignon 赤霞珠2008 and 2013

-          Malatinszky Noblesse Serena Rubra混酿酒2012

-          Malatinszky Noblesse Cabernet Franc品丽珠2009

-          Chateau Imperial Tokaji 3P Asu 托卡伊阿苏3娄2008

Mr. Csaba Malatinszky reestablished his estate in 1997 as a follower of noble, family traditions. The founder himself, with a very wide range of international pre-studies, manages the farming and vinification of the estate. He converted the estate to entirely organic in 2009 and this is the spirit which guides Mr. Malatinszky along his way. His stylish wines are getting to be more and more wellknown around the world and are selected to the wine list of Michelin-starred restaurants around Europe. He supplies wines to the Royal Family of Great Britain as well. From 2005, he is among the 10 best winemakers of Central – and South-East Europe according to the Wine Report and his Kúria Cabernet Franc wines are listed at the TOP 10 reds every year. In 2010 November he was invited to the Decanter Fine Wine Encounter (Tour 100 TOP Wineries of the World) held in London.

因为追求高贵并追随家庭传统,Csaba Malatinszky先生于1997年重新建立了自己的庄园。作为创始人,因其广泛的国际学习经验,他自己管理庄园并酿酒。他在2009年将庄园改造成完全有机的,这是引导Malatinszky先生前进的精神。他酿造的葡萄酒在世界各地越来越出名,并被选入欧洲米其林星级餐厅的酒单。 他也向英国皇室提供葡萄酒。据葡萄酒报告,从2005年起,他是中欧和东南欧十大最佳葡萄酒酿造商之一,他的Kúria品丽珠葡萄酒每年都在十大红酒之列。 2010年11月,他被邀请参加在伦敦举行的精品葡萄酒展会(参观百年世界顶级酒庄)。

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Saturday, May 20, 2017 - 3:30pm - 5:30pm
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188RMB/guest 188元/位 Reserve your seats before May 19th 19.00! Limited seats are available! 需要提前定位,请在5月19号12:00前预定!
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