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5.18 [CONCERT] Third Set - 高円寺百景 Koenji Hyakkei @ 6th Tomorrow Festival



5.18 / 21:40 - 22:40 

高円寺百景 Koenjihyakkei

日本 Japan


吉田达也 Tatsuya Yoshida - Drums / 人声 Vocals

坂元健吾 Kengo Sakamoto - 贝斯 Bass / 人声 Vocals

小森庆子Keiko Komori - 高音萨克斯 Soprano Saxophone

矢吹卓 Taku Yabuki - 键盘 Keyboard

AH - 人声 Vocals

小金丸慧 Kei Koganemaru - 吉他 Guitar / 人声 Vocals



"I'm probably going out on a limb here, but from my vantage point, this is not only the most brilliant of all of contemporary Japanese bands, but perhaps the greatest group currently operating in the world.” - Alternative Press

"KOENJIHYAKKEI is a unique concept for Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins), and it may go down as his greatest achievement: the most perfect fusion of straight prog, the avant-garde and hardcore punk. Amen.” - Pitchfork

Koenji Hyakkei is a Japanese progressive rock band formed by Yoshida Tatsuya (of the renowned drum and bass duo Ruins.) and Kubota Aki (the first singer who passed away last year) in 1991. In the early period of the band activity, they took over the musicality of Kubota's predecessor band Malinconia, and aimed for fusion of Kubota's operatic voice and punk rock.


By the time they released the first album in 1994, the band got progressive rock color stronger, becoming a Magma-like sound as saying to put a threatening chorus on the irregular beat unison. The language of the lyrics is a coined word, which is also greatly influenced by European languages such as Magma's Kobaian, Italian and German. However, Yoshida's lyrics have no meaning, only emphasis on the sound of words.


On their album Angherr Shisspa in 2005, they have replaced the guitar player to soprano sax. With this change in instrumentation, their style has veered into a new direction to match the change in tone color, shift to Chamber Rock or Rock in Opposition style, also elements of jazz included. Through their evolution of style, their rhythmic and formal complexity have expanded greatly, incorporating polyrhythms, asymmetrical time signatures, as well as more complex and varied sections, often containing polyphony and counterpoint.


In this period band has been played in worldwide prog festivals such as FIMAV (2007), Nearfest (2008), Gouveia Art Rock (2008) and Rock In Opposition (2009). After years of suspension, the band resumed activities with a new guitarist, and in last year finally released the studio album, Dhorimviskha, for the first time in 13 years, and they are highly appreciated in various places.



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Saturday, May 18, 2019 - 9:40pm - 10:40pm
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0755-86337602 (15:00-18:00, info only)
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B10 Live
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