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5.18 [CONCERT] AOKI takamasa / Zhang Qiang @ 5rd Tomorrow Festival

5th Tomorrow Festival 

2018.5.17 - 5.20
演出 Concert · 讲座 Talk · 放映 Screening 


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*The tickets for tonight's concerts will be sold separately.

*The concert of Konono Nº1 has already been canceled.


AOKI takamasa

2018.5.18 20:00 - 21:00
B10 Live, North District of OCT-LOFT

青木孝允 AOKI takamasa - 电子设备 Electronics


AOKI Takamasa, born 1976 in Osaka, Japan, is an experimental musician and producer. He is the outstanding representative of the avant-garde electronic music of his generation. Among his works, “RV8” released under German lable Raster-Noton has made his name among masses of music fans in China.


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Zhang Qiang



2018.5.18 21:30 - 23:00


B10 Live, North District of OCT-LOFT


Zhang Qiang - Vocals

Feng Chong - Guitar

Zhang Chao - Drums

Wang Hanyi - Bass / Program

Xu Weitian - Keyboard

DJ Tattoo - DJ

Zhang Qiang, born in Beijing in 1967, icon of the 1980s Chinese pop culture, is a legendary diva and new queen of the disco rebirth in today’s Mainland China.

Influenced deeply by her musician mother since childhood, Zhang Qiang started out as a singer at the age of 16. Back then in Mainland China, it was a relatively closed time and original music was not developed, and most people got their first impression about pop songs of the Western, Japan and Taiwan from Zhang Qiang’s cover versions. Music critic Zhang Xiaozhou once commented, “Zhang Qiang’s covers can often surpass the originals, for her voice is high, shiny, dashing and enchanting. It is raw and somehow lack of training, but with the wildest power that could streak across the blue sky of 1980s Beijing like a warcraft.”

Zhang Qiang’s debut cassette album “Tokyo Nights” (1985) has been sold out several times, way more than the original 600,000 copies planned on sale, and was finally settled at 2.5 million. Her second cassette album “Shy Girl”(1985) also made a sales miracle. She has released so many albums that she herself has no idea about the exact number. What she can only recall is that she has recorded 4 albums within just a month in the same studio of Theatre of China in 1986. She is undoubtably the queen of record sales in 1980s China, and was titled “Global Music Icon” by the TIME magazine among names of Whitney Huston and Teresa Teng.


This time, Zhang Qiang will perform in Tomorrow Festival in a 6-piece band. She will also, for the first time ever, reveal her brand new image as a DJ, the electrified disco queen.

Zhang Qiang is the rare one who can unite generations from the 1950s to 2000s. What lies behind her, is a great story of China, a legend of times.

She belongs to yesterday, and more to tomorrow.

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Friday, May 18, 2018 - 8:00pm - 10:35pm
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The first concert: Advance ¥100;Walk-in ¥150 The second concert: Advance ¥300;Walk-in ¥300
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0755 86337602 (15:00-18:00, info only)
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B10 Live
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B10 Live is a brand new music & art space in Shenzhen, organized by OCT-LOFT and curated by artist Teng Fei and independent music curator Tu Fei.
B10 Live has presented over a hundred live music performances to the audience since 24 Nov. 2012, as well as 4 years of OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival and the 2 years of Tomorrow Festival. More and more different types of art events will be held here in the near future. Read more »

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North Side of Building C2, North District, OCT-LOFT, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
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+86 (755) 86337602
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B10 Live, North District of OCT-LOFT
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