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Yang Li Ping: Pingtan Impression

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Pingtan Impression is a new dance drama created by renowned Chinese dancer-choreographer Yang Liping.
Yang Liping is famed for appearing in the performance art show Dynamic Yunnan, which has toured all across China, selling out many large venues.

Her latest dance drama-Pingtan Impression-shines a spotlight on Pingtan, an island city located off the coast of Fujian and also the closest place on the mainland to Taiwan.
Weaving together different strands from the city's traditional folk culture, such as snippets of local dialect, legends, puppet and marionette shows, dragon-lion dances, and recreations of the local ritual of paying homage to Matsu, goddesses of the sea, the 100-min-long show depicts the island city's beauty and originality.

It mainly tells of a legendary love story happened between Junshanwang, Pingtan's ancestor and Pingtanlan, the daughter of sea, revolving around the plots like how they falling in love with each other and fighting against invaders.
After Shanghai, the show is set to continue to tour at home and abroad. Its overseas part will be conducted in accordance with the Austronesians' migration routes, as Pingtan is believed to be the home of the ancestors of the Austronesians, according to a recent scientific research.

The Austronesian language family includes those spoken by hundreds of millions of people in maritime Southeast Asia, New Zealand, the Pacific islands, Madagascar, etc.


Dates: May. 15 (Wed.) - May.16 (Thu.)
There is no age limit but Children under 1 meters are not allowed into the venue.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 7:30pm - Thursday, May 16, 2019 - 8:00pm
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¥180 ¥280 ¥480 ¥680 ¥880
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