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Romeo & Julia Kören: The Decameron

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"An ingenious way to revive to large parts forgotten music."
-Charles T. Downey | The Washington Post (USA)

"Finding love has never been so much fun."
-Mike Telin | (USA)

"Romeo & Julia Kören’s fresh and resonant voices, with intonation without the slightest blemish, creates a nearly godlike choral you do not always experience in choirs."
-Dag Lundin | Eskilstunakurriren (Sweden)

Based on the short stories by Giovanni Boccaccio / Director: Benoît Malmberg and the Ensemble.

Let us gather together one last day to entertain ourselves with music, dance, and pleasures. When the new day dawns, then we can return to Florence.
Romeo & Julia Kören’s performance The Decameron, which premiered at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in 2009, holds a series of dramatized novels from the renaissance writer Giovanni Boccaccio’s famous works of the same name. The novels are interspersed with songs by the Italian 1500-century composer Orazio Vecchi and the combination forms a musical drama performance of sensual love and full-bodied comedy.

In The Decameron, a selection of Boccaccio’s novels are freely dramatized and adapted for the stage by Artistic Director Benoît Malmberg and the ensemble. The show is adaptable and easily changed based on the conditions of the venue and the occasion of the performance. The stories and the music in The Decameron can be varied and therefore also the size of the ensemble from six to twelve singers accompanied by theorbo, renaissance lute and percussion.
The Decameron (1353) is Boccaccio’s most famous work and made him known to the afterworld as the originator of the novel genre. The main story in the novel tells of a party of upper class youngsters in Florence during the medieval Black Death. The company decides to flee Florence to escape the illness of the city and in their isolation in the countryside, they entertain one another by telling various stories – the stories that form The Decameron. In the sharply rendered details, Boccaccio paints all kinds of adventures and escapades. We meet simple-minded men who are cleverly deceived by their wives as well as church servants who succumb to sensuous, sinful love. The Decameron is risqué and burlesque but it remains a sharp and perceptive comedy. Boccaccio wanted to both entertain and provoke his contemporary readers and despite the 700 years gone by, his stories are still current.
Romeo & Julia Kören
Since their start in 1991, Romeo & Julia Kören has toured more then 30 countries including China ( 2017), USA, Chile, Russia, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Japan, France, Iceland, Tibet, Mexico, Kurdistan and Kosovo.  Romeo & JuliaKören has also performed at the Nobel Prize banquet on five separate occasions and at the wedding of Crown Princess Viktoria and Prince Daniel in 2010.

The ensemble sings and emotes, making each performance a visual as well as a musical experience. The result is a unique form of vocal drama. Their eclectic repertoire spans from Italian Renaissance and French Baroque to Slavic songs and fiery folk tunes. Romeo & Julia Kören takes the audienceon a magic carpet ride that features tender tales of love as well as burlesque comedy.


Date: Sunday, 16th Jun @ 20:00

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Sunday, June 16, 2019 - 8:00pm - 9:30pm
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