Enjoy Plum's flowers and Bamboo Ocean with Natural Mandarin

Xitou Village is famous for the flowers and bamboo. There are all kinds of plum's flowers and bamboo in mountains and plains .Big Li, Pearl Li, Rose Li,  ....Natural Mandarin Center will visit there this saturday, welcome to join us.“流溪花雪”是华南最大的赏花雪基地,延绵5公里的李花香径,漫山遍野的素白李花花海,大只李、珍珠李、玫瑰李...李花千娇百媚惹人怜。

 【The event time】

   18th . February. Saturday. one day 

   2月18号周六出发 1天来回

【Pick up Location and time】

 7:  30   Shenzhen University subway station exit A 

            深大地铁站A 出口

 8:00  SZ gymnasium main gate(Sungang west road) 


【What to bring】 

  Hiking Shoes, Suncreen, Hat, Water 


【The event plan】 

1,11 :00  Arrive at Xitou village .Enjoy the nice view there. Old village, Old trees, Old bridge...古老的村落,枯藤,老树,小桥流水....回归大自然

2, 11:30  Have lunch together (Local chicken,fishes,vegetabels....)农家乐午饭(本地鸡,河鲜,各种蔬菜.....)

3, 14 :00 Start the walking(6 km ,3 hours),will pass the flower garden, bamboo garden, tea garden,stone garden,waterfall and so on .6公里徒步,三个小时,竹海瀑布,溪源幽谷,黄茶山径,猛虎踞石,穿越李林竹林。

4, 17:00 Back to shenzhen( 3 hours)五点回深圳,八点回到深圳。

【Event fee】

150 RMB per one person , the kids are the same price


【Fee include】

1,Round -trip bus 交通: 空调旅游大巴车全程用车;

2,Organization fee 服务:领队费用;

3, Insurance保险

4,Lunch(special farmer's food, 10 people a table)

 CONTACT:Alice 18665982694 wechat : ALICEAYS      


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Saturday, February 18, 2017 - 7:30am - 8:00am
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150RMB one person
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Professional teacher---Natural Mandarin
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call us: +86-755-3395-5850