Don’t Miss Guinguette This Saturday

Outdoor & indoor place, games, live music, homemade traditional food from France and beyond, French wines... Welcome To The Guinguette!
户外,游戏,现场音乐,自制法式/西式食品,有法国红酒等等. 欢迎来到!

Price All Inclusive For 6 Hours Of Fun & Free Flow

Open Guinguette! 狂欢 Guinguette!

What will be served at the Guinguette Open bar from 6PM 'till late?

100% French Wines Of Course! 当然有100%的法国葡萄酒

  • Sparkling White 气泡白葡萄酒
  • Sparkling Rosé 玫瑰味气泡酒
  • White Wine 白葡萄酒
  • Three different Red Wines 3种不同红酒

+ Wine tasting to learn about wine

Other French Specialties 其他法国洋酒特色

  • "Marquisette" (refreshing cooler with white wine, citrus fruits & rhum) “薄罗纱酒“(配方:白葡萄酒, 柑橘类水果, 朗姆酒)
  • "Pastis" (anis-flavored spirit, to enjoy with a bunch of water) “茴香酒” (茴香的味道, 是与水混合一起享受的酒)

+ "Cognac" Cavalier Royal brandy tasting

And The Indispensable 还有必饮品

  • Draft Beer 扎啤
  • Mojito 莫吉托
  • Cuba Libre 自由古巴
  • Soft drinks 软饮
  • Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, Rhum 威士忌,伏特加,金酒,朗姆酒

+ One free drink at BOA afterparty is included in your Guinguette ticket! 在你购买Guinguette门票已经含有一杯免费酒在后派对BOA!

A Food buffet with character! 带有个性的自助餐!
Enjoy Homemade, fresh, traditional, authentic, tasty, and passionately French influenced food buffet at the Guinguette!
自制, 新鲜, 传统烹饪式, 正宗, 美味, 还有在Guinguette吃的都是带有法国人热情而做出来的美味佳肴!
*: Veggie 素食
**: Vegan 素食者
Finger Food 巧食区
Hummus 鹰嘴豆泥 **
Tuna Spread 吞拿鱼抹酱
Eggplant caviar 茄子鱼子酱 **
"Pesto Rouge" (with confit cherry tomatoes) *
红香蒜沙司(用圣女果油封制作而成) *
Homemade Grissini 面包棒 **
Black Olive Ciabatta 黑橄榄法式面包条 **
Pork "Rillettes" (slowly cooked meat preparation)
Thyme & Lemon Chicken Terrine 百里香和柠檬鸡酱
"Pâté de Campagne" (Old fashion pork pâté) 乡村肉酱
Green Peppercorn Duck "Rillettes" 青胡椒鸭肉酱
Snails with parsley butter & puff toast 蜗牛配欧芹黄油和烤面包
"Pain Batard" (wheat flour & sourdough bread) 法式发酵小麦面包 **
Salad Bar 沙拉吧
Tabouleh 蔬菜玉米面沙拉 **
Lentils Salad 扁豆沙拉 *
Zucchini and Carrot Salad 胡萝卜西葫芦沙拉 **
Piedmontese Salad 蒙特沙拉
Eggplant and Zucchini Salad in orange sauce 茄子和西葫芦配橙汁 **
Mesclun salad (green leaves mix) 法国蔬菜沙拉(蔬菜杂烩) **
Homemade dressings 自制酱 *
Hot Station 热食区
Chicken & Merguez (spicy lamb & beef sausage) Couscous 鸡肉和摩洛哥香肠配中东小米
“Fondue” Melted cheese Happening 敬请期待“芝士火锅” 融化奶酪 *
Homemade Toulouse Pork Sausage 自制图卢兹香肠
Homemade ketchup & spicy sauce 自制番茄沙司和辣椒酱 **
Homemade baguettes 自制法棍 **
Desserts 甜品区
Mini-cannelé 蛋奶蛋糕 *
Pineapple Cake 菠萝蛋糕 *
"Chou à la crème" by SENSATIONS 泡芙由SENSATIONS制作 *
Mini-croissants 迷你可颂 *
Apple Turnovers 苹果酥饺 *
Normandy tart 诺曼底苹果挞 *
Multifruit tart 综合水果挞 *
Peach tart 桃子挞 *
Live Music Program Guinguette 2018
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But what is a Guinguette?

Officiating as a food and a public dance place in an outdoor French style cabaret, Guinguette evenings intend in simplicity to provide an access to French culture, in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Indoor and outdoor space, games, activities, live-music, homemade traditional food from France & beyond, French wines… Welcome to the Guinguette! Each year, more than 400 people dress up and gather together to make the tradition live again.


Guinguette is a French tradition dating back to the 18th century. Guinguette evenings intend in simplicity to provide an access to French culture, in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Guinguette是法国风情的流行歌舞表演,从18世纪传承至今。Guinguette之夜可以让人在愉悦轻松的气氛中近距离了解法国文化。

Event Details

Event Date: 
Saturday, June 9, 2018 - 6:00pm - 11:59pm
Pricing Info: 
350 RMB until 8th June; 400 RMB on 9th June; Babies/toddlers for free; 80 RMB for children (6-14 years old)
Booking Phone Number: 
Place Address (English/Chinese): 
Sofunland, 133 Tangxing Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 南山区塘兴路133号集悦城
call us: +86-755-3395-5850