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Beer and Business - Growing a Successful Business in China


Due to this weekend's weather warning, Beer & Business will be postponed. Don't worry, we'll announce the new dates very soon! 


What is Beer and Business? 


Beer and Business offers affordable, professional-level business consultancy and two free bottles of Vedett - That's what Beer and Business is offering on Saturday, April 20, at Bricks. Learn to grow and develop a successful business, all over a beer. 




Beer and Business是为了实现这一目标而建立的组织,所有的一切都通过一杯啤酒的交流去实现,所有的一切都被一个行业领先者所引领。




The Host 


Born and raised in London, Will Sung is a former investment banker and CEO of Wilosophy Ltd. Having managed teams of over 10,000 people, worked in 8 different countries, and founding four different startups, Will started Wilosophy to help grow individuals and companies to fulfill their potential though his core philosophy, “to do is to know.”


在伦敦出生并长大的Will Sung,是Wilosophy有限公司的投资银行家和首席执行官。曾管理过超过10000人的团队,在8个不同的国家工作,并成立了四家不同的公司,Will建立Wilosophy公司通过他的核心理念“行动就是认知”来帮助个人和公司去发挥其潜力


Spaces limited to 20 people!






How much is the fee?


Beer and Business offers a special introductory fee at 65 RMB! The entry fee includes two free beers and 2 hours of consulting an expert about real-world problems and networking with others of a similar mindset.


Beer and Business will take place in Bricks 大冲一路新城花园390号




Beer and Business提供65元人民币的特别优惠入场价!入场费包括两杯免费啤酒和两个小时的专家咨询,了解现今社会中的问题,并与其他志同道合的人建立人脉关系。


Beer and Business将会在Bricks酒吧举行 大冲一路新城花园390号




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Event Details

Event Date: 
Saturday, April 20, 2019 - 8:00pm - 9:30pm
Pricing Info: 
65 RMB
Booking Phone Number: 
Place Address (English/Chinese): 
Bricks, Dachong, XinCheng Park, 390 (Directly outside High-Tech Park, Exit B). Bricks 大冲一路新城花园390号 (在科技园B出口外面)
call us: +86-755-3395-5850