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Arch Enemy "Covered in Blood" China Tour 2019 - Shenzhen

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Time passes, the world changes, but some things remain constant and unassailable. Heavy metal has endured for more than four decades because its spirit is eternal, and few bands embody the intensity, integrity and lofty artistic ambitions of the genre with more dazzling aplomb than Arch Enemy. Formed in Sweden in the mid-90s by former Carcass/Carnage guitarist Michael Amott, this most explosive and proficient of modern metal bands have spent the last 20 years propagating an unerring creed of technical excellence, songwriting genius and thunderous, irresistible live performance, accruing a huge global fan base along the way.

When Arch Enemy released their debut album Black Earth in 1996, death metal was stagnating and in desperate need of a kick up the ass. Amott’s blueprint for the purest of metal strains proved an instant underground hit, both in Europe and Japan, and almost single-handedly resurrected death metal as a viable art form with mainstream potential.
Signed to Century Media Records for 1998’s sophomore effort Stigmata, Arch Enemy marched purposefully towards a new millennium with a rapidly growing reputation. 1999’s Burning Bridges added to the band’s momentum, their razor-sharp blend of brutality and epic melody becoming more refined with each creative step. But it was in 2001, when original vocalist Johan Liiva stood aside and mercurial frontwoman Angela Gossow stepped in, that Arch Enemy truly took off.


And now, Arch Enemy are ready to rise again and climb ever further up the ladder toward pure metal supremacy. “The band's core musical philosophy hasn't changed much since I started the band,” says Amott. “It's still about creating intense heavy metal with extreme vocals and a lot of melody in the guitars. We've always loved writing and meticulously crafting the best songs possible, that's main motivation for us.”


Date: Thursday, March 28 @ 20:30 - 22:00
Limited Presale 380 RMB
Door Price 460 RMB
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Event Details

Event Date: 
Thursday, March 28, 2019 - 8:30pm - 10:00pm
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Limited Presale 380 RMB Door Price 460 RMB
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A8 Live
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A8 Live

A8 Live, Southen China's premier live music and comprehensive music production venue, designed by Percy Law - Student of renowned Lourvre architect Leoh Ming Pei. Boasting state of the art production and live event equipment, A8 Live provides musicians and music lovers alike, the best location to truly express and appreciate live music, as it was meant to be heard. 

A8 Live, 南中国最专业音乐全产业链综合服务实体,全新的音乐服务概念,集顶级设备及团队的 Live House(音乐现场)、音乐咖啡厅、顶尖录音棚、乐队排练室、音乐博物馆、新式音乐教育基地为一体, 贝聿铭 PERCY LAWS 建筑设计作品,优秀音乐人首选展演场地,潮流意见领袖扎堆儿分享平台。我们致力于打造线上线下结合的全媒体音乐产品培育孵化系统。 

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A8 Music Mansion, N0.1002 Keyuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
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Venetian Theatre
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