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English Game Night



How are you?


Firstly, thank you to open this page. 


Are you doing fine in Shen Zhen ? Are you just arrive in Shen Zhen ? Do you have something to do in your free activity time ?


We are an International Board Game Cafe, which provide the real great and nice ENGLISH Board Game, which also will become a rival with any Board Game Shop around the town for numbers and quality of the games..


Secondly, we are an International Board Game Cafe and/or also an English Board Game Club, but we are not your standard meet up yet, and if you do made it as your group standard meet up group, then you got our thanks regards.


Third, since we are a Cafe Store of International Board Game, I apologize because I will become a rival for any Board Game Shop in town for number and qualities of game. 


What is Board Game?

-> If you want to know an explanation about this, please feel free to click on Board Game Intro

-> This is a game for people to have a fun, to learn, to share the thoughts, and to know each other throughout the game.

-> For the short introduction about what looks like the board game? Once in the old time for the board game appearances is like UNO, Chinese Chess, Mahjong, International Chess, GO,  poker, and some other thing else, but in our cafe we will Introduce you a modern game.


Who can play this Board Game?

-> You the one who read this article, your friend the one you hang out with, a friend of your friends who like to hang out too, a friend of yours who like to play a game, a friend of yours who like to learn a something new, a friend of your who want to talk some topic throughout the game, your lover, or a friend of your who like to compete each other in healthy way.


Is this game only for a child?

-> Frankly speaking, I have to apologize to the children. Because this modern Board game even though got call as a game but it's not for a children under 15 years old.


If my age are 30 years old, am I too old to play this game?

-> Well, to play a game, there's never been too old to learn or to start a something new If you never play a board game before, we would like to share what is board game and if you never know how to , we would like to guide you about how to play. We love people who is young or veterans, we gonna share the knowledge throughout the games that are played.

So, let's skip the usual question to making a friend by asking "Where do you came from?" and "How old are you?" by start to having a new way of making friends. So, what else to wait  for you to join with us. Feel free to come by yourself or with your friends and join with us by anytime. YOU are IMPORTANT and WE WELCOME YOU by anytime


Is there a rule for this?

-> Each game has different kind of rules. You can follow it and you can break it or creatively re-create it. But there's one rules for our Cafe:

01. You can come by anytime under the opening time, but please do not be angry or bored if you could not get into a game because every one already start their game. You might have to wait till one of the table are open for the other game.

02. You do not have to worry about an experience. All the game will be re-explained.

03. We apologize for not allow you to bring your own food or your own drinks. But we will provide you a drinks for sale and you can get it with a friendly price and guarantee. The expense will be paid directly during the event.

04. You are still welcome to coming even though you already had your dinner.

05. We welcome you with a SMILE :D, and have a great time, and see you at our table to make a new friends.


When and Where?

BOARD GAME NIGHT, every Tuesday and Friday, start by 19:00 till 22:30

We are located at 1008 Jian She Road, Floor 6, Flat 611, Hui Jiang Ge Building. The building located exactly behind Shang-ri La Hotel.


How to reach us? 

01. By MTR

     Go to Luo Hu MTR Station

     Choose exit C and keep straight from the direction

     Once you are done follow the path and found the Shang-ri La at your right, then you only 30 seconds far away from our location.

     Go to the building behind Shang-Ri La, press the 6 in the elevator and find flat 611, please knock the door if you saw it's closed, but if not then just come in :).

02. By bus

      Go to Luo Hu Train Station (罗湖火车), the last bus stop.

      Find a Shang-ri La building by your sight view.

       Then you only need to walk about 2 minutes to reach our locations.


If you got lost, then here's our contact:

WeChat is alberttls

Mobile Phone is +86 - 185 - 6668 - 3846

So, see you over there at our cafe.