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This Saturday!! Dec.8th |Saturday Hiking trip to Luofu Mountain, Huizhou

Located in Boluo County of Huizhou City, Luofu Mountain is one of the 10 sacred mountains of Taoism in China. Covering an area of 260 square kilermetres, the scenic area boasts 432 peaks, over 980 waterfalls, numerous fountains and 18 caves. Traditional Chinese Medicine is also among the local attractions, should one be interested. What makes Luofu Mountain special is its dramatic landscape, majestic peaks and fantastically shaped boulders and rocks. The highest peak, Feiqu Peak, also known as Feiyun (the flying cloud) Peak, stands at 1,296 metres.


Chongxuguan Ancient Temple and Yanxiang Temple are 2 particularly well preserved Taoist temples. The Luofu Mountain Hundred Grass Oil has been a well known herbal remedy against insect bites and motion sickness for decades. There are also Yunwu Sweet Tea, Suliao Dried Leaves, and Dried Longan to be considered as unique local specialties. It is for all these reasons that throughout history, many Chinese poets, calligraphers, and other famous figures have adored Luofu Mountain and found it inspirational.




08:00 Meetup at window of the world 世界之窗集合出发

10:30 Cable car journey up to the middle of the mountain approx. 20 minutes .缆车向上,到达山腰.

11:00-16:00 Approx. 20 minutes hike to Yingzuiyan, rest for about 30 minutes; then continue hiking. We shall attempt to reach Feiyunding Peak in less than 2 hours. Lunch is to be taken as a picnic during the hike. 

For those who are disinclined to climb for almost 2 hours, you may return to the cable car stop from Yingzuiyan and find your way back down without further hiking. You will be able to spend more time visiting Taoist temples.

徒步到鹰嘴岩 ,半小时后午餐 ,午餐后继续爬山 ,挑战飞云顶(如若体力不支,可以随时折返)

16:30 Explore temples 观看道观 庙

17:00 Take bus back to sz ,around 2.5h drive.



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Saturday, December 8, 2018 - 8:01am - 4:30pm
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Huizhou Top Spring · Waterfront


Top Spring · Waterfront is located in the inner bay and Yapojiao scenic area along the coastal of the east of Huizhou, 90 minutes’ drive away from Shenzhen CBD, and is adjacent to the Zhuanliao Bay Tourist and Resort Area. This project owns the frontline costal resources in the south direction, the length of the shallow coastal is 1200m, and the length of the beach is 500m.  Read more »

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惠州东部滨海沿线内弯处、亚婆角景区内 Top Spring · Waterfront is located in the inner bay and Yapojiao scenic area along the coastal of the east of Huizhou, Shenzhen, China
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Luofu mountain, Huizhou
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