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[Ticket Giveaway] Clockenflap: Hong Kong's Music & Arts Festival 2018

For more event info please go to Clockenflap: Hong Kong's Music & Arts Festival 2018 will hold Clockenflap: Hong Kong's Music & Arts Festival 2018 Tickets Giveaway for our dear users. We will pick up 3 winners, each winner will get two tickets(GA ticket). Tickets will be picked randomly !!

福利大放送!!这次非常荣幸能和Clockenflap: Hong Kong's Music & Arts Festival 2018合作,我们将选出3名幸运儿,每位送出2张门票(普通门票),门票日期随机抽取!

How to win?

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Contest Question: Why do you want to go to Clockenflap 2018?

回答问题:为什么想去Clockenflap 2018?

  • We will randomly pick 3 winner (Winners will get two tickets) 我们将随机抽取3位获奖者 (每位获奖者讲获得2张门票)
  • We will notify you by phone if you win and if you do not respond within the day you will not fit your winning ticket. 我们将以电话形式进行通知,若当日内没有回复我们将取消赠票!

Note: 注意

  1. The deadline of the contest is 12:00 P.M. Oct 19th, 2018. 截止日期:2018年10月19日 下午12点
  2. All matters and disputes will be subjected to the final decision of 所有的争议将由Shenzhenparty.com做最后决定

P.S.!!! DON'T forget to leave your name and valid mobile number on your account profile so we can inform you on time//Email your answer+information to! [Leave your answer under this post and send your contact info along with website ID to the Email]

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Event Details

Event Date: 
Friday, November 9, 2018 - 5:00pm - Sunday, November 11, 2018 - 10:20pm
Pricing Info: 
Free entry
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Place Name (Optional): 
Central Harbourfront Event Space中環海濱活動空間
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Central Venue Management is also the Government’s appointed management and operating company for the Central Harbourfront Event Space.

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Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
9 Lung Wo Road, Central, Hong Kong
Place Phone: 
+852 3929 9500


I’d love to go and meet

I’d love to go and meet different musicians. would also like to bring my little one so she is in touch with various music from early age. 

10 Reasons To Go To

10 Reasons To Go To Clockenflap


10. It’s in Hong Kong…Why pitch a tent in a field in the middle of nowhere when you can spend a long weekend in one of the best cities in the world? Amazing restaurants, bars, and nightlife are all just a short walk from the festival.

9. An eclectic lineup…There’s something for everyone. One moment you can be watching some Indie Rock, the next you can be listening to some Asian Pop. From Hip Hop to Art Rock to Electronica to Dubstep. Clockenflap is the perfect mix.

8. Great vendors…I’ve more bad experiences of bad festival food than I like to think about. It’s great then that Clockenflap has food stalls from some of the best food vendors in the city. You can’t beat the food at Clockenflap!

7. Wolf Alice…Best new band to come out of the UK in years? Probably. Is Don’t Delete The Kisses the best song I’ve heard this year? Definitely.

6. Caribou…I Can’t Do Withou You. The electronica artist is a genius. His set is not to be missed.

5. Supporting local music…No festival is complete without finding at least one new favorite band. Check out and support the local music!

4. Cool crowd…It’s such a relief to be able to go to a festival where the crowd is chilled out, polite, and generally, just good people. Makes a big difference to the festival experience.

3. David Byrne...Once In The Lifetime experience to see a legend. Clockenflap, This Must Be The Place.

2. Turn On The Bright Lights…Interpol’s moody classic was meant for the Hong Kong landscape. Speaking of which…

1. That view…No festival in the world has a view like Victoria Harbor. Listening to one of your favorite bands while looking out over the city is quite literally breathtaking. It’s worth it for that moment alone.


I want tickets for

I want tickets for Clockenflap, so I can take my daughter to her first music festival. She may only be two years old, but she already loves to listen to music and dance. I’m sure she would dance her little socks off at Clockenflap.


I was lucky enough to have parents that introduced me to live music at an early age and I’ve always loved going to concerts and festivals ever since. I would love to be able to pass on that same tradition to my daughter.


As well as the family fun and children’s musicians already at Clockenflap, it would be amazing to see the smile on her face and see her doing her little dance moves while watching the likes of David Byrne, Rhye, and Cornelius.

I’ve Byrne in Shenzhen for 3

I’ve Byrne in Shenzhen for 3 months now. Mija–rney in China has been full ups and downs but I’m glad I’m here. I’ve found that doing the Rhye-t things on my weekends has been difficult, there’s so much to see and do here. I’ve Alvvays wanted to visit Hong Kong and I love the Clockenflap lineup! Therefore Amadou whatever It takes to go. I’m a big music fan so it would be a Shame if I missed out on Clockenflap. In fact, if I could Swindle a ticket through making puns with artist names that would be ideal. I’ve actually never won a competition and I’m not getting any Youngr. Maybe this is a desperate attempt, maybe it’s a bit try hard - Khalid what you will, but In-ter-politest way possible I am asking that you at least consider me as your winner.

Why do I want to go to

Why do I want to go to Clockenflap?


Because nothing beats sitting on the grass with a cider in one hand and your other arm around your boyfriend, looking out over Victoria Harbour as the light show plays on the ICC, with David Byrne live on stage as he sings, “Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down. Letting the days go by, water flowing underground. Into the blue again after the money’s gone. Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground…”


That’s what I want to go to Clockenflap for…


An acrostic appeal for

An acrostic appeal for Clockenflap tickets…

Clockenflap. Definitely the best festival in China. Probably the best in Asia. Maybe the world?

Live Music. If you love it and live in Southern China, then this is the event of the year for you.

Open. If Rhye’s breakout hit sounds even half as good live as it does on record then it will have the audience weak at the knees.

Caribou. Dan Snaith’s electronica project was made to soundtrack the Hong Kong skyline.

Keigo Oyamada. More commonly known as Cornelius. A sound so unique that they had to invent a new genre for it. Unmissable.

Enjoy the city. Why would you want to be stuck in the field at some festival in the middle of nowhere when you can be a short walk from the amazing nightlife of Hong Kong?

New music. Every year, Clockenflap introduces us to some great new artists. Look out for Lydmor, Cifika, and many more.

Family-friendly. Where else can you take your kids for an afternoon of games and singalongs, while Dad goes enjoys Interpol and The Vaccines?

Living legends. Roni Size, Dan Snaith, Keigo Oyamada, and of course, David Byrne. Once in a lifetime opportunity? Maybe.

Atmosphere. Music lovers, young and old, appreciating great music from all over the world. No idiots. No fights. Just good people enjoying good music.

Perfect setting. You can keep your Glastonburys, your Lollapaloozas. No festival in the world can compare to the setting of Clockenflap.

My friend and I have been

My friend and I have been coming to Clockenflap since we both moved to China. Our first experience was in 2011. I remember entering the ballot to apply for tickets. There was Santigold, The Cribs, Bombay Bicycle Club. It was my first experience of real live music in Asia. It was great.

My friend moved to another part of China, but we met up again at Clockenflap in 2013. The festival was already so much bigger than before. The tickets were no longer free, but it was more than worth it to see the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Efterklang, Tegan and Sara, Four Tet, Mac De Marco, and of course, Chic. While watching the sunset over Victoria Harbor and listening to Efterklang play Drift Drive, we made a drunken promise to come back again, no matter where we were.

We came back again in 2014, but after that my friend moved back home and I got busy with work and family. Ever since, we’ve always tried to arrange a Clockenflap reunion, but failed.

This year, my friend is back to Hong Kong to see his in-laws. If I could surprise him when I see him with two tickets to ‘our festival’ then the smile on his face would be priceless.

I think the only thing my

I think the only thing my husband loves more than me is Interpol. I’ve lost count of how many times he told me about the time he saw them in a tiny bar in Barcelona before they headlined Primavera, or how Carlos D got sick just before a show in Manchester and they had to cancel, or how he used to make the DJ at his local club night play Obstacle 1 every single time. Interpol are his first love. I’ve come to accept that.

When I first met him, he would use his salary to travel back to Europe for music festivals. Now, he works hard for the family and saves his money for us. I can’t remember the last time he went to a gig or festival.

But I do know that Interpol is his favorite band. And even though he says its better we save the money. I know every day he’s thinking about seeing them in Hong Kong. And I know it will eat him up if he misses them at Clockenflap.

Shenzhen Party and Clockenflap, please help me give my husband the perfect gift!

i Wanna be part of the

i Wanna be part of the Clockenflap to enjoy the music and the astmoshpere. And most importently, to see Wu Tsing Fong!!!!

Love the Clockenflap and its

Love the Clockenflap and its amazing vibe! Can't wait to see The Vaccines!

My wife is pregnant and I

My wife is pregnant and I swear if I win these tickets I will use "Clockenflap" for his middle name.



amazing music festival.Love

amazing music festival.Love David Byrne so much!

Me and my wife rarely agree

Me and my wife rarely agree over music. She loves her RnB and her Hip Hop. I like my Indie and my Electronica. But one band we both fell in love with was Rhye. When we first started dating, we must have listened to that first album more time than I can count. It was the soundtrack to those early days.

We might be a bit older now. We’re married. We’ve got a kid. There’s the mortgage. The health insurance. The school fees. It seems like a million years ago when we were first dating. But when we listen to Rhye, it feels like we go back to that time and place.

When we say Rhye were playing Clockenflap, we got excited, but my wife is far too sensible. She would feel too guilty spending the money. But if I could surprise her with two tickets then that would make her year.

Also, I want to go because Caribou is amazing.

  I’m torn over going to


I’m torn over going to Clockenflap this year. Sometimes I tell myself to be responsible. To save the money.

But other times I think about what it will be like being there that weekend at Clockenflap.

I imagine Interpol on that Friday night. Looking out across Victoria Harbor as the play the likes of Untitled and NYC and realize that Paul Banks could easily have wrote Turn On The Bright Lights about Hong Kong rather than New York. Later, when the bass line of Evil kicks in, I realize it was worth coming for that alone.

The next day I’ll be chilling out in the late afternoon with a beer waiting for Rhye to come on stage. And when they do, I’ll be amazed that 1) the lead singer is a dude, and 2) that he is a white dude. But after hearing the start to Open, I’ll forget about all that and just enjoy listening to one of the smoothest track around.

And then, as it gets dark and the light shows start, there’s David Byrne. What more needs to be said. When he sings This Must Be The Place (Naïve Melody), and I look around at where I am, then I know it really is.

Then Sunday will come round and although the grown up in me will say you need to go back early to get up for work in the morning, I won’t. Because Wolf Alice are playing and, although I feel a little daft saying it, I want to hear Don’t Delete The Kisses because it’s definitely the best indie rock since I can remember.

And by that time it will be time for Cornelius, and it will already too late to get back across the border for work the next day. But I don’t care. Because it’s time for Cornelius, and there is quite simply nothing like Cornelius on planet Earth or quite possibly any other planet. Just give me any track from Fantasma or Point and I can die a happy man.

So, as you can see, I’m a little torn over Clockenflap. Hope you can help make it a slightly easy decision!

I went to the 1st Clockenflap

I went to the 1st Clockenflap Music festival in HK back in 2011 and it was one of the best momenories! I have been wanting to go again since then but either the time didn't work out or I flinched at thepricey ticekts... hopefully could help bring my wish come true this year! Plus I saw Interpool and DJ Khalid are coming!!! So hopefully! Fingers crossed!

Also, way to go Shenzhenparty for keeping it up for all these years! I have been a memember since 2005!

Cheers and all the best!


Why would I want to go? I'm a

Why would I want to go? I'm a huge fan of live music and festivals, but over the last decade I've turned my focus to career and I simply haven't been able to keep up with this passion. I would love the opportunity to go to Clockenflap this year! Thanks for the chance :)


I want to go because it

I want to go because it rocks!

Hey, guys, every year I go to

Hey, guys, every year I go to clockenflap and every year I have so much fun and meet amazing people there! This year is really special because of Interpol! Counting days and hope  all my friends will join me :) Music is love, music is life

Why do you want to go to

Why do you want to go to Clockenflap 2018?

My friends were there last year, they post awesome pictures, so I want go there this year. 

I have been to Chinese outdoor music festival many times. I think this one could be fun. 

Dada( 18588409987)

Why do you want to go to

Why do you want to go to Clockenflap 2018?

My friends were there last year, they post awesome pictures, so I want go there this year. 

I have been to Chinese outdoor music festival many times. I think this one could be fun. 

Dada( 18588409987)

I want to win this ticket to

I want to win this ticket to give as a present to my girlfriend because she is super fan of MIJA and RONE, so I want to prepare her a surprise because she is so kind and make kids happy  And help them. 

Hong Kong's biggest music

Hong Kong's biggest music festival! Clockenflap is full of top rockers of the local Hong Kong music scene. MUST GO :)

I want to go because Roni

I want to go because Roni Size is playing and I've been following his music from about 20 years ago. Seriously it is about time I see him in person!!

我想去clockenflap 2018

我想去clockenflap 2018 因為今年的陣容非常棒(如Anpu 和 吳青峰)!

I would love to take my older

I would love to take my older brother to a music festival for his 18th birthday as he is not doing anything with friends I think it will be nice if you could please give me the tickets. I do not have much money as I am only 15. Please...

Love music festivals. Sure to

Love music festivals. Sure to have lots of fun. Will take my brother with me if i win. Please(sorry to beg)

My name is Ryan Esser and I

My name is Ryan Esser and I live in Hong Kong, ever since my mother passed away when I was a boy, my father has been the greatest figure in my life. He has helped me through my depression and has always been there for me. His birthday is the day before Halloween and I want to take him to Clockenflap 2018 to see his favorite artist David Byrne but I can't raise enough funds to buy the tickets. Please pick me so that I can help my dad. Thank you and good luck to everyone in the contest.

I'd love to be able to take

I'd love to be able to take my dad to clockenflap for his 50th birthday. He would appreciate this a lot as he is often away doing lots of work in other countries and rarely has time to enjoy himself. My dad is a huge fan of David Bryne and the vaccines.
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