Tango Apasionado 2

Walter Rios - “one of the five most important bandoneon players of our time” - will perform for one night only in this new concert under the series, Tango Apasionado - Hong Kong's first and only live music series dedicated to the music of authentic Argentine Tango.

Following a critically acclaimed concert in 2016, Tango Apasionado 2 brings one of Argentina's living legend - bandoneonista, composer maestro Walter Rios, and vocalist Mariel Dupetit. Also joining the concert is Japan's premiere tango violnist Momoko Aida, Taiwan's tango bassist Eliza Chen as well as Hong Kong 's finest musicians - Justin Siu (Cello), Stephanie Fung (Piano) and Nobel Queano (Guitar). The concert consists of two halves: golden-era Tango music and Nuevo Tango mainly by Astor Piazzolla, as well as maestro Watler Rios' own compositions. 

熱•探戈音樂系列是香港唯一演奏正宗阿根廷探戈音樂的專業團體,繼2016大受好評的音樂會後,今年再接再厲,邀請阿根廷國寶級Bandoneon(班多鈕)宗師Walter Rios和資深女歌手Mariel Dupetit主力帶給本地前所未有的探戈音樂體驗。同場演出的有日本小提琴大師会田桃子、台灣低音大提琴手陳美君、本地樂手蕭偉中(大提琴)、馮善彤(鋼琴)和Nobel Queano(吉他)。音樂會曲目主要分為兩類:黃金時期的傳統探戈音樂和由阿根廷近代最具影響力的作曲家Astor Piazzolla創出的Nuevo Tango(當中並包括宗師Walter Rios自己的作品)。 

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Sunday, July 16, 2017 - 7:45pm - 9:00pm
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+852 3188 2466
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