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The Hong Kong French Theater Festival - 4th edition

1/ 26th March 2019 - 8pm

Est-ce que j'ai une gueule d'Arletty ? (Do I have an Arletty Face?)

Availability :  380 seats in total
1 h 30 – Adults & young adolescents

Why writing about Arletty? Because she is fascinating. Her subtle humour, her razorsharp wit, her beauty, her indifference intrigue. Her past, her scars, her traumas taught her at a very young age how life can be tough.


2/ 27th March 2019 – 8pm

Le porteur d’histoire (The Story Teller)

Availability :  430 seats in total
1 h 30 – Adults & young adolescents

Over a rainy night, in the heart of a remote French area, Martin has to bury his father. How could he expect that the discovery of a manuscript would get him into a staggering search throughout History and across the continents?

Fifteen years later, in the Algerian desert, a mother and her daughter mysteriously disappear.


3/ 28th March 2019 – 8pm

Signé Dumas (Signed Dumas)

Availability :  430 seats in total 
1 h 30 – From the age of 13

Signe Dumas is a duet between 2 writers. The action takes place in 1848 between Alexandre Dumas (a famous writer still recognized and acknowledged today) and Auguste Maquet (Dumas’ main collaborator in texts such as Les 3 Mousquetaires (the three Musketeers)Le Comte de Monte-Cristo (The count of Monte-Cristo).

The 2 men fight. Questions arise. What is the role of each man in the success of these masterpieces? Who is the real author? Who should sign the work of Les 3 MousquetairesLe Comte de Monte-Cristo?


4/ 29th March 2019 – 8pm

La cantatrice chauve (The Bald Soprano)

Availability :  380 seats in total
1 h 30 – From the age of 13

An autopsy of contemporary society conveyed through the trivial and absurd statements exchanged between two couples. La Cantratrice Chauve by Eugene Ionesco was staged by Nicolas Bataille at the Theatre de Noctambules May 10, 1950. The reviews are very mixed but when the play is performed a second time on February 16, 1957 at the Theatre de la Huchette, the unexpected happens. The elite of Paris rush to see this unidentified theatrical object. In the sixty years since then the Ionesco Show has become an institution. Now in its 61st year the Ionesco Show continues to hold the world record for the show that has been played non-stop in the same theatre.  In the year 2000 it was presented with an honorary Moliere award. 

The Smiths are a traditional couple from London who have invited another couple, the Martins, over for a visit. They are joined later by the Smiths' maid, Mary, and the local fire chief, who is also Mary's lover.

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Event Details

Event Date: 
Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 8:00pm - Friday, March 29, 2019 - 9:30pm
Pricing Info: 
300 HKD/Adult; 200HKD/ Student
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Booking online
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Sheung Wan Civic Centre, 5/F, Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building 345 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong 上環文娛中心 地址 : 上環市政大廈5樓 香港皇后大道中345號 香港
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