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Hiking to Po Toi island, the South Pole of Hong Kong

这期我们要玩耍的地方位于香港最南端,被誉为香港之南极 - 蒲台岛。蒲台岛坐拥湛蓝南海美景,岛上的花岗岩由于经长期风化作用、产生了各种状貌奇岩异石,被评为"香港十大最美岩石"之地。除了各种岩石值得观赏外,在岛的最南端,是著名的126号灯塔,有许多户外达人在此露营、看星星。此外,这个海岛盛产紫菜,来到这里,一定要喝一碗热乎乎的紫菜汤,并把各式各样的海鲜干货带回家。我们将采用徒步的方式,带你将蒲台岛走个遍。


This time, we are going to travel in the Po Toi island, where is located in the Southest of Hong Kong, as its called "The South Pole of Hong Kong" with blue ocean and various of rocks ("Top 10 Place with Beautiful Rocks"). Besides the rocks,  the No. 126 lighthouse is definitely worth to be visited, many hiking lovers are camping around the lighthouse and it is great for star gazing. You should taste the nori soup in this island, which is famous. we are going to hike around the Po Toi island and experience everythings in here.





After we travel in Po Toi island, we will take the ferry back to the Stanley, which is one of the best scenic spot in Hong Kong, where is under the Violet Hill. The feature of Stanley is that combining with Chinese and Western Culture,Great beach,Unique building, Shopping center, western restaurants and bars, definitely worth to be visited.



The spots are limited, please join us ASAP.


活动时间 / Activity Day

2019 年 04 月 21日(周日)

21st April 2019 (Sunday)


活动地点 / Activity Location

香港蒲台岛 / Po Toi Island, Hong Kong


活动亮点 / Activity Lightspot

  • 沿途欣赏湛蓝南海

    Watching the Blue Ocean

  • 观赏奇岩异石

    Watching the Various of Rocks

  • 赤柱小镇休闲游

    Relaxing in the Stanley Town


费用 & 优惠 / Fee & Promotion

原价 Normal Price : 268 RMB


优惠 Promotion : 

1. 在4月18日(含)前报名只需 248 

Pay before 18th Apr.(Inc.), only 248 RMB.     

2. 团购优惠: 满600元30元(每团仅限使用一次)。

Group Purchase: 30 RMB off when pay more than 600 RMB(Each Group can use once only). 

3. 分享微信朋友圈并截图发送客服小哥(微信号: ywh0665),可 减 8 元

Share the activity in your moments of Wechat and shortcut to the Customer Service (Wechat ID : ywh0665)8 RMB off.





Event Details

Event Date: 
Sunday, April 21, 2019 - 9:45am - 6:00pm
Pricing Info: 
Early bird 248 RMB Normal price 268 RMB
Booking Phone Number: 
Place Address (English/Chinese): 
Fanling MTR station exit C, next to the 7-11. Hong Kong.
call us: +86-755-3395-5850