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The 4th Altamira Hong Kong International Guitar Symposium and Competition

Welcome to the 4th Altamira Hong Kong International Guitar Symposium and Competition

Now in its fourth year, the Altamira Guitar Symposium continues to build on its success and variety. It will again draw together leading guitarists, luthiers and teachers from around the world for 5 days of captivating performances and events. This year the Symposium is delighted to welcome back to Hong Kong Pavel Steidl and Rene Izquierdo and to welcome on their first visit to Hong Kong, Ricardo Gallén, flamenco guitarist Adam del Monte, Joaquin Clerch and Stephanie Jones. Major competitions with attractive prizes for Junior, Senior and Open level players will offer further opportunities for aspiring and professional guitar players.









Masterclasses by Festival artists will be also be available and luthiers will showcase their latest instruments.
As part of the Symposium, The Academy for Performing Arts will again stage its International Guitar Forum which will be open to all Symposium registrants. Lectures, recitals and workshops on the theme of 19th Century Chamber music will be on offer. Also this year, APA will host the University of Surrey (UK) International Guitar Research Centre conference. Many leading researchers and musicians from around the world will gather for two days prior to the Symposium for keynote lectures and presentations.
The Altamira Hong Kong International Guitar Symposium and Competition is indeed a unique guitar festival with so many opportunities for players and those interested in classical guitar. With so much on offer, it welcomes full time participants as well as the general community to its concerts and other events, all held at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.
Please look through our website for more information about this exciting event.







Schedule of Events:
The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts International Guitar Forum

This year’s International Guitar Forum has a particular focus on chamber music and the vocal bel canto style in the early 19th century. This was an important era for the guitar and Forum participants will be able to hear leading experts talk about, and demonstrate the key interpretive practices of the period. Guitarists will be able to broaden their understanding of the period and enhance their own performances of 19th century repertoire.

Tuesday, 16th July 2.30-4.00pm – Lecture 
Professor Clive Brown (UK) a leading authority on the performance of music during the 19th century, will be joined by fortepianist Professor Neal Peres Da Costa (Australia), to present a lecture- recital on chamber music in early 19th century Vienna.

Wednesday, 17th July 9.00am - 12.00am - Masterclass
Professor Clive Brown (UK) and Professor Neal Peres Da Costa (Australia) will present an open class for students wishing to explore the music and interpretive practices of early 19th century Vienna. The session will have a particular focus on chamber music.

Wednesday, 17th July 2.30-4.00pm - Lecture
Leading Canadian teacher, researcher and widely read author Professor Robert Toft, will explore the bel canto vocal style and demonstrate how this impacted on instrumental music during the later 18th and 19th centuries. This will provide a valuable interpretive insight for all those performing the music of such composers as Giuliani, Legnani and Carulli.

Wednesday, 17th July 5.00-6.00pm - Recital
A recital by Neal Peres Da Costa (Australia) and Adrian Walter (Hong Kong) for fortepiano and guitar will include the premiere of a recently discovered work by Luigi Moretti.

Thursday, 18th July 9.00am – 12.00am – Masterclass
Leading Canadian teacher and researcher, Professor Robert Toft, will present an open class for students wishing to explore the influence of vocal music and the bel canto tradition on the music and interpretive practices of the early 19th century.

Thursday, 18th July 2.30pm – 4.30pm - Lectures 

Professor Stephen Goss (UK) will present a thought provoking session on the topic, ‘The Guitar and the Politics of Nostalgia: the mutability of history through an Arcadian retrotopia. Steve will explore how the guitar through its 19th, 20th and 21st Century history and repertoire, became an emblem for nostalgia – where tradition comes before innovation: heritage before culture.’

Carlo Barone (Italy) will present a session exploring rubato in the early 19th century with the theme; the relationship between phrasing and rubato in the Italian instrumental bel canto, demonstrated through performances of works by Mauro Giuliani and Luigi Legnani.

Thursday, 18th July 5.00-6.00pm – Lecture Recital
The fortepiano was eagerly embraced by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert as their keyboard instrument of choice and became the dominant keyboard instrument in early 19th century Europe. The instrument was also eagerly embraced by Giuliani who regularly played duos with leading fortepianists of the day. Dr Shane Levesque, Lecturer in Early Music at HKAPA, will give a valuable insight into the fortepiano, its unique expressive voice, and the repertoire it inspired.

Friday, 19th July 1.15pm - 2.00pm – Recital - The 19th Century Salon
Carlo Barone (Italy) and Adrian Walter (Hong Kong) will present a delightful and intimate concert of solo and duo music that would have been heard in the salons of the early 19th Century. The music will be performed on original instruments from the period and modern reproductions, including a copy of a 7-string guitar, or heptacorde, made by leading Chinese luthier Hanson Yao.

Friday, 19th July 2.30-4.30pm - Lectures
Philip Eisenbeiss will present a highly engaging and entertaining session on the impresario Domenico Barbaja. Barbaja dominated the operatic world of the early 19th century and helped build the careers of many leading composers and singers. Philip Eisenbeiss’ book Bel Canto Bully has been a runaway success and translated into multiple languages.

Dr James Westbrook (UK) will offer a special insight into the guitars of the Panormo family, one of the leading and most influential guitar making families in 19th century Britain. These instruments are still highly prized by both performers and collectors.

Friday, 19th July 5.00-6.00pm – Lecture Recital
Professor Stanley Yates (US), well known for this publications and recordings of the guitar music of the 19th century, will present a lecture recital on the guitar sonatas of Viennese composer, Wenzeslaus Matiegka.

Tuesday 16th, Wednesday 17th & Thursday, 18th July, 9.00am-12.00pm – 19th Century Guitar Masterclass Series 
Carlo Barone is a leading authority on the guitar music of the early 19th century and its associated performance style. In this series of open masterclasses guitarists will be able to work with Carlo to enhance their performances of the music by the leading composers of the period.

A series of masterclasses by each of the featured artists will give guitarists further opportunity to perform works from the 19th century and gain a deeper understanding of the interpretive style of the music that was composed and performed during this period.

Attendance and Participation
All Forum events are free and open to Symposium registrants, students and the general public.


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Tuesday, July 16, 2019 (All day) - Saturday, July 20, 2019 (All day)
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