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Dinosaur ZoobyErth Visual & Physical Inc

Dinosaur ZoobyErth Visual & Physical Inc will be held at Experimental Theatre, Guangzhou Opera House from July.21 to July.23, 2017.
Performance Duration:70min.

琥珀教育·陪你玩一夏 澳大利亚环球剧团科普互动偶剧《恐龙乐园》
Meet awesome prehistoric creatures, from cute baby dinos to some of the largest carnivores and herbivores that have ever walked the planet! Erth’s dinosaurs are unmistakably ‘alive’ and mostly friendly in this fun, educational and unique performance that will delight all audiences from ages 5 years and up. 
Get up close and personal with an amazing array of creatures from bygone eras, connecting young audiences to the real science of palaeontology. 
Meet a menagerie of insects and dinosaurs that once roamed free around the world and are now in daily residence at Erth's Dinosaur Zoo™. 
Learn how to feed and engage with Erth’s dinosaurs in a once in a lifetime interactive experience. Children can watch wide-eyed from a safe distance or dare to get right up close to these prehistoric creatures.

琥珀教育·陪你玩一夏 澳大利亚环球剧团科普互动偶剧《恐龙乐园》

About ERTH
Founded in 1990 in Ballarat Victoria, ERTH has been consistently creating art for the public domain since its inception and is today recognised as an innovator of physical and visual theatre both nationally and internationally.
ERTH combines a truly fantastic aesthetic with performance, often site specific productions using installation and/or performance based projects or those involving a menagerie of large-scale puppets, stilts, inflatables and aerial techniques to create productions including: Incubator, Gargoyles, Waterheads, Caution, Bushfire, The Garden, Gondwana, The Nargun and the Stars, and most recent shows to include Dinosaur Zoo™, I,Bunyip, Spirit Creatures and TaniWha Acts I,II and III. 
琥珀教育·陪你玩一夏 澳大利亚环球剧团科普互动偶剧《恐龙乐园》

ERTH tours the globe extensively including performances at most major Australian and International festivals such as: Sydney Olympic Games Opening Ceremony (2000), Hong Kong Fringe, Galway Arts Festival (Ireland), Stockton, Riverside Festival (UK), Singapore Arts Festival and the Festival of Arts & Ideas in Connecticut USA. Most recent ERTH works have been seen at: Bangkok (2009), Shanghai World Expo (2010), Sydney Children?s Festival (2009/2010/2011), City of Sydney Chinese New Year Parades (2009/2010/2011), Ten Days on the Island tour (2011), Hampyeong Butterfly Festival, Korea (2011) and Melbourne?s renowned Moomba Festival (2009/2010/2011). 
Increasingly, ERTH is bridging the gap between cultural and theatrical institutions by bringing physical theatre and puppetry to Museum environments. Successful roving and aerial performances have been individually written and delivered for The Australian Museum, Museum of Victoria (Melbourne), Old Parliament House, National Museum of Australia (Canberra), Auckland Museum (New Zealand), The Field Museum (Chicago), Natural History Museum (Los Angeles) and Minnesota Science Museum. 
The Company is also in demand for corporate and commercial engagements. This can take the form of commissions, collaborations, consultations and direction of projects with and for other organizations. ERTH also undertake community workshops, cultural development projects and mentorships in many remote indigenous communities across Australia. 

琥珀教育·陪你玩一夏 澳大利亚环球剧团科普互动偶剧《恐龙乐园》

ERTH?s design studio and workshop custom makes work for many clients. In the past, The Sydney Opera House, Sydney Festival, Sydney Olympic Games, the Department of Communications and the Arts, Centenary of Federation and Performing Lines have all had specialist creations produced from ERTH?s busy studio and workshop. 
Housed in Sydney’s newest contemporary arts centre, CarriageWorks, the company has a busy design and construction program incorporating the use of many non traditional set, prop, costume, inflatable and puppetry disciplines. In recent years ERTH has been embracing new technologies to introduce computer generated imagery and registered projection into its ever growing box of tricks.

Please note that event time varies on different dates. For more:


琥珀教育·陪你玩一夏 澳大利亚环球剧团科普互动偶剧《恐龙乐园》




Event Details

Event Date: 
Friday, July 14, 2017 - 7:30pm - Saturday, July 15, 2017 - 8:40pm
Pricing Info: 
RMB 80/180/280/500 (280*2)/700(280*3)
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Guangzhou Opera House

Guangzhou Opera House (GOH), rated as one of the country's top three theatres with National Centre for the Performing Arts and Shanghai Grand Theatre, prides itself on the highest-profile art palace across South China.
Designed by Ms Zaha Hadid, the first female winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, and Sir. Harold Marshall, the unique acoustic designer from Australia, who won the world top award - the Wallace Clement Sabine Medal, GOH is regarded as the largest, most high-tech as well as the best-facilitated comprehensive performing arts centre in South China. Read more »

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Guangzhou Opera House No 1, Zhujiang Xi Lu, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, 510623 Guangzhou, China
Place Phone: 
+86 20-38392888, 20-38392666
Place Address (English/Chinese): 
Experimental Theatre, Guangzhou Opera House
call us: +86-755-3395-5850