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Join the Shenzhen Ultimate Frisbee League!

Sign up today for the Shenzhen Ultimate Frisbee Fall League. The theme this time around is Pokémon:) 


To register go to:


Detailed Info-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hey everybody,嘿伙伴们! 


Welcome back from your Summer holidays! If you’re new to playing Ultimate Frisbee with us or Ultimate altogether, don’t worry, you’re about to sign up for a lot of Ultimate FUN and we make sure new players are made to feel welcome as well as learn from the more experienced players.


The Summer was full of frisbee for those that were in town from the Summer Series to the new Summer Scramble format that I know many people enjoyed. It’s now time to settle back in to our 4 team format, so tell a friend and get them to fill out this form and contact Jeff.


We will set the league for 10-12 weeks starting September 3rd. The format will be determined by number of players but should be 4 teams with around 10-15players each. We expect to be doing one long game on two fields side by side, 6 vs 6.


Each night will start with training designed and lead by Coach Angelique Kellerman. Our regular coach,  Coach Eddie, is currently recovering from an injury and surgery. We should see him lending a hand and playing later on when he gets off his crutches.


Team Captains, Assistant Captains (Ass Caps), and volunteers will also be helping to teach people in groups during the training portion of the night.


Each team will assign one lady to be a Spirit Captain who will assist tthe team to keep track of the scores and report them to Jeff at the end of the night.


Our Spirit Bands system will still be in play to reward teams with extra points for including all of their players and if we can find a way we may include another fun rule like we did in the Mario Leagues, and the Scrambles.


Each night, after a group photo, we'll head to our local bar for some food and drinks, and on the last week we'll have our league finals followed by an awards ceremoney with some prizes. There will be a League Party on the following weekend at a location and exact date to be announced.


The cost of the field at Yunding is now 1300RMB for two hours, a bit more than previously. It will be about 40RMB per person x total number of weeks. The finals venue costs about double. Our estimate is it will be about 400 per person(it may be less). We hope to do 12 weeks but if we don't have enough people we will wait a week to start. If we are ever short players we will allow pickups to join for 50RMB per night. Final cost will be announced after everyone has signed up. The deadline is Thursday September 5th!


The breakdown of costs is just an estimate. You can’t pick the days you pay for. You sign up for the whole thing and pay for it as a whole. If you miss a day you just miss a day. 


For Information about where Yunding is located please see the SZUPA Official Wechat Account: SZUPA or ask Jeff directly by PM. Fumin is the closest metro station and this is in Futian.


Registration is now open. 报名现已开放。 



The theme chosen by our club members is:



Teams will be allowed to pick their team name based on any Pokémon they want. Some popular Pokémon are:





















Mr. Mime





Tentative Schedule暂定赛程 - Please arrive to Yunding around 8:00PM, Training starts at 8:30PM, Training ends at 9:10PM. The games should start close to 9:15 and end at 10:30PM.

Week 1 - Sep 3rd (9/3) Team Assessment -


Teams may be adjusted for balance(You may be placed on a different team after this week)


Week 2 - Sep 10th (9/10)

Week 3 - Sep 17th (9/17)

Week 4 - Sep 24th (9/24)

Week 5 - Oct 1st (10/1) (Golden Week 10/1-10/7)

Week 6 - Oct 8th (10/8)

Week 7 - Oct 15th (10/15)

Week 8 - Oct 22nd (10/22)

Week 9 - Oct 29th (10/29)

Week 10 - Nov 5th (11/5)

Week 11 - Nov 12th (11/12)

Week 12 - Nov 19th (11/19) League Finals @ SZ Bay Stadium

             - Nov 23 (11/23) League Party! (Location TBD)


Shenzhen Bay Stadium will be the venue for the league finals. This is the field INSIDE the stadium. This is conditional based on interest of the players and venue availability. The alternative location will be Yunding.



An option to help us to do finals there or not will be in the Registration questions at the bottom of the registration page.



Event Details

Event Date: 
Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - 8:00am - Tuesday, November 19, 2019 - 3:46pm
Pricing Info: 
Free entry
Booking Phone Number: 
Place Address (English/Chinese): 
Yunding Xuexiao near Fumin Metro and then SZ Bay Stadium for the final week.
call us: +86-755-3395-5850