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Shenzhen French National Day 2017 深圳法国国庆节庆典 Book your Table & Tickets!

The Wonderful Shenzhen French National Day, a historical and revolutionary French festival, will be celebrated by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China on July 15th, 2017 at Hilton Shenzhen Futian, in partnership with the French General Consulate in Guangzhou.


中国法国工商会将协同法国驻广州总领事馆于7月15日晚在深圳大中华希尔顿酒店举办 "2017年度深圳法国国庆节庆典"。


As one of the most important annual events for both the French and Chinese communities in South China, it will be a perfect occasion to enhance networks and develop relationships with potential partners. More than 500 guests representing French and Chinese companies will participate in this event. While enjoying excellent live music and tasting delicious goose liver, cheese and macaroons accompanied by authentic French wine, brewed coffee as well as fresh beer, our guests will have an opportunity to chat and discover French culture.






We are pleased to welcome Mr. Bertrand FURNO, Consul General of France in Canton,

Mr. Louis HOUDART, Vice-President of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China,

Ms. Caroline PENARD, General Manager of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China,

and Chief Representatives of Fortune 500 Companies from EDFPeugeotCarrefourCAPSA,

as well as Creative CaptalHD China EU Future City, French dairy top band Nactalia etc. to our event.

我们有幸邀请到法国驻广州总领事傅伟杰Bertrand FURNO先生,
中国法国工商会董事会副主席Louis HOUDART先生,中国法国工商会总经理Caroline PENARD女士,

法国乳业顶尖品牌Nactalia爱达力,HD China EU Future City环德中欧未来城等代表参与我们的活动。


The ceremony will begin with a cocktail reception at 19:00, followed by dinner and performance.

We hope you to enjoy the selection of French food and wine with live music.

庆典将于19: 00以鸡尾酒会作为开场,随后即是宴会正餐与现场表演等。



In the night, GMD will bring us the wine of excellent qualities,

its attractive garnet color, its plentiful aromas, its sophisticated and fine wine body,

all these qualities have, to the maximum extent,

brought out quintessence of grape and fully demonstrated the elegance of life.





As the leading importer and distributor of advanced roasting products,

FB Solution will provide authentic French croissants, bread, etc.

If you have been to France, you will never forget the Brioche Dorée bakery,

which was born in Paris in 1976.

作为高级烘焙产品的主要进口商和经销商代表,FB Solution为专业餐饮行业提供纯法国制作的可颂,面包等,

相信去过法国的您,肯定不会忘记1976年就诞生于巴黎的Brioche Dorée面包烘焙,


At the same time, Sinodis will provide excellent cheese to make you enjoy our dinner.



In a French dinner, you cannot miss the foie gras.

The top chef from Les 5 chef's will offer his specialty, Harry foie gras.

Its excellent taste will leave you with a deep impression.

Les 5 chef’s隐世星级大厨在本次晚宴就提供其拿手菜——哈利鹅肝。


And, of course, the cool and refreshing mineral water provided by Danone,

brings the coolest summer feeling from 60-meter underground directly to your tables.



Especially for coffee lovers, you can't miss this night for the world!

We have the exclusive homemade coffee prepared by Nestle Espresso,

who will present its top quality fresh coffee all along the night long.




Like always, San Miguel,

using their meticulous attitude to select material and experienced brewing technology,

has created the perfect beer for our night.

Take a sip of it and enjoy it.

一如往年,晚宴中色泽金黄,芬芳甘香的啤酒必是San Miguel生力集团出品


Now it's dessert time!

Maison Délice will no doubt surprise you with their amazing ice cream.

甜点时刻,用料做法讲究的Maison delice玛利兹法式手工冰淇淋出乎意料的口味与质感,




Surprise & Harvest 惊喜与收获

 Apart from French food and wine, surprises are waiting for you!

 Air France provides round-trip tickets Guangzhou - Paris,

 one-night vouchers from Grand Mercure and Hilton Shekou,

 Parrot will offer a drone, luxury watches from WILLIAM L. 1985.

 Value-added Chinese class services provided by Hanbridge,

 high standard health checkup package from HarmoniCare.

Air France法国航空公司广州巴黎往返机票,

 Grand Mercure东方银座美爵酒店以及Hiltion Shekou蛇口希尔顿南海酒店提供的尊贵套房享用券,
Parrot 派诺特无人机,WILLIAM L.1985名贵腕表,Handbridge汉桥国际教育为您提供的课程增值服务,


 Dancing & Live band 舞蹈与现场乐队

  You will totally get rid of all the trouble with our pop music.

 Happy Feet and exclusive live show attract you to dance with the rhythm.

 Tonight, you will forget your negative emotions and devote yourself into our show.

尽情挥洒属于夏日的热浪与躁动吧,现场乐队为您定制音乐Live show, 
再加上Happy feet快乐大脚带您投身于鼓点节奏与舞动旋律,


 Art & Magic 艺术与 魔术

   In the exchanges and coalitions between colors and ideas,

 we have managed to create an exclusive French dream with art and elegance.

 The combination of different elements and stylization have empowered

 the artists from Jardin Orange to create a whole new world.

 During the event, you will experience the charm of magic.

 In the hands of magician Dean, that's "where amazing happens "

不同元素的叠加、风格化,Jardin Orange艺术家的笔下,是另一个新的世界。
在资深魔术师Dean的眼里,Magic就能这么自然而然 让人震撼。


Romance & Memories 浪漫与回忆

  Hay Print will offer polaroid photos to keep a good memory for the evening.

 And Insta 360 will be in charge of VR shooting.

 The perfect combination of romance and high technology.

 即影即有,小清新 优雅 文艺,随心所欲,
Hay Print 喜影,只为您留下这个初夏最美好的回忆,


 After Party

   With attractive music in the sky bar, the stars shine, overlooking the night, 

 a view of Shenzhen, secret and charming.

 This is the right way to enjoy the night life.

 A wide variety of wine, exclusive cocktails, 

 the exclusive bartender will fulfill your needs, Mr. WONG bar,

 on 23rd floor of Hilton Shenzhen Futian, a wonderful encounter, everything is perfect.

Mr. WONG 酒吧,夏日夜晚的微醺,



Besides, we would like to thank Delta BridgesFrancophonePaper

 Shenzhen BienvenueShenzhen DailyShenzhen Party

 Shenzhen TVSina ShenzhenThat’sUrban family,

 Trait d’Union and UFE Shenzhen as our partners.

 此外,我们诚挚感谢:Delta Bridges 三角铃、Francophone 法语人、Paper 杂志、

 Shenzhen Bienvenue深圳法国人联合会、Shenzhen Daily英文《深圳日报》、Shenzhen Party深圳派对、

 SZMG深圳电视台、Sina新浪深圳、That's杂志与urban family杂志、

 Trait d'Union法文杂志、UFE Shenzhen深圳驻外法国侨民联合会等作为我们活动媒体合作伙伴。



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Saturday, July 15, 2017 - 7:00pm - 11:59pm
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