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Nine Signature Dishes of the 2018 Hairy Crab Festival

Shangri-La’S Chinese Culinary Masters Present Hairy Crab Delicacies With Seasonal Flavours And Cuisines From Different Regions

It’s Hairy Crabs season again and this year, Chinese culinary masters from 42 Shangri-La hotels in 36 destinations across mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore have teamed up to present the annual Hairy Crab Festival.  The festival will run from now  to 30 November 2018 and it will feature special versions of hairy crab dishes with seasonal flavours in different Chinese cuisines and styles – from Huaiyang to Cantonese, traditional to modern and fusion.

Together with food influencers (KOLs), Mr. SHEN Hongfei and Mr. Craig AU-YEUNG Ying Chai, nine of Shangri-La’s Chinese master chefs have created nine tantalising signature crab dishes (see appendix) featuring some of the most exquisite hairy crabs from primary crab farms, including Yangcheng Lake in Jiangsu and Panjin in Liaoning.

Andy Chan, Senior Director of Food & Beverage, Greater China for Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, said, “We are excited to collaborate with an inspiring and talented team in Chinese culinary cooking across our Shangri-La hotel network for this year’s Hairy Crab Festival.  Guests can expect a spectacular showcase of Chinese culinary flavours and craftsmanship as our chefs work lovingly to prepare these crab delicacies in a way that respects the seasonality and emphasizes the unique taste of local ingredients.”

Besides the nine signature dishes, special set lunch and dinner menus, wine-pairing events and gift sets are also available for guests to celebrate the hairy crab season with family and friends. Golden Circle members can enjoy savings of up to 35 percent on orders from the Hairy Crab Festival menu.  

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Appendix: Nine Signature Dishes of the 2018 Hairy Crab Festival

Yellow Wine Preserved Hairy Crab Flatbread

Presented by Chef Hou Xinqing, the Executive Chinese Chef of Shangri-La Hotel, Nanjing, Yellow Wine Preserved Hairy Crab Flatbread is made with ingredients derived from cooked liquor-soaked crab added to traditional wine cake and mozzarella cheese and baked for a Chinese-and-Western-style pizza. The flatbread is thick and crisp, yet sweet and soft from the wine, with additional sweetness from the liquor-preserved crab.

Fried Egg White and Hairy Crab in Sesame Ball

Executive Chinese Chef Gao Xiao Sheng from Gui Hua Lou at Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai presents this technically challenging dish that tests the skill of any chef.  Prepared using a traditional recipe, the crab meat and roe has to be expertly stir-fried with various spices, and then carefully with egg white, before they are placed inside a golden deep-fried sesame ball. The deep-fried sesame ball absorbs the fragrance of the crab meat and roe which makes for a mesmerising dish.

Fried Beancurd Stuffed with Hairy Crab

Fried Beancurd Stuffed with Hairy Crab was created by Chef Chan Kwok Hung, the Chinese Executive Chef of Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou.  Inspired by the Pipa Tofu, a time-honoured and disappearing Cantonese delicacy served on banquet tables during his apprenticeship, Chef Chan created the innovative Fried Beancurd Stuffed with Hairy Crab to bring the refreshing and rich flavours of hairy crab into a classic dish.  Based on the original Pipa Tofu, this specialty is pear-shaped like a Chinese lute (pipa) and crafted following complex procedures and sophisticated craftsmanship for which the original Pipa Tofu is renowned. A harmonious combination of ingredients, an exquisite presentation resembling Chinese lute and streaming temperature control are crucial to this dish.

Squid Ink Braised Fragrant Rice with Hairy Crab and Scallop

Presented by Executive Chinese Chef Anthony Dong at Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen’s Shang Garden, this mouth-watering dish combines selected rice in squid ink and traditional Shanghainese-style confit made with hairy crab roe from Xinjiang Bohu, with a cream flavour.  Mixed with scallop, boletus and water chestnuts, the dish simultaneously brings out delicate flavours and Oriental elegance.

Stewed Pickled Cabbage with Hairy Crab with Fragrant Rice

Shangri-La Hotel, Shenyang’s Chinese Executive Chef Rick Du uses northeast China’s most traditional preparation of pickled cabbage combined with the elaborate cooking method of the renowned local hairy crab and fragrant rice. The autumn season brings not only rich crab meat and roe, but also the unique taste of the northeast region. Hairy crab is served together with authentic north-eastern pickled cabbage and fragrant rice, which make the dish even more delicious and unforgettable.

Braised Vermicelli and Hairy Crab in Satay Sauce

Shangri-La Hotel, Chengdu’s Executive Chinese Chef Tang Jianshu selected hand-made “baked sauce” which is made up of special ingredients, such as Jinhua ham, dried scallop, shrimp and other raw ingredients cooked in a superior broth and then mixed with peanut butter and mung-bean vermicelli.  When the sauce thickens, some fine female crab meat with parsley sauce and green onion are added.  Juicy vermicelli noodles are cooked in a pot with strong seafood flavour.  Finally, the dish is served with refreshing and tasty lettuce.

Wok-fried Hairy Crab and Egg on Black Sesame Tart

Wok-fried hairy crab and egg on black sesame tart was created by Chef Randy Zhang, Shangri‑La Hotel, Xian’s Chinese Executive Chef.  This dish was inspired by “Autumn Chrysanthemum” which says, “When the chrysanthemum is blooming, crabs can smell”.  To create his dish, Chef Zhang applied the exquisiteness of Western dishes and used crab powder extracted from seasonal crabs.  He added this crab powder to cheese and butter collocation to create a soft and delicate crab dish.  The diner will not only enjoy the tender crab meat, but also taste the richness of the crab cream.  The milky and crispy egg tart feels soft and delicate on the mouth.  The harmonious combination of ingredients and streaming temperature control must be very precise to achieve the well-defined combination of flavours.

Boiled Hairy Crab and Yellow Croaker Meatball in Superior Broth

Shangri-La Hotel, Ningbo’s Chinese Executive Chef Zhou Hui promotes Zhejiang cuisine, an intangible cultural heritage, with high-quality hairy crab, well-combined with yellow croaker from Ningbo’s east coast.  Using an ancient method, he creates tender and tasty meat balls with a mixed whippy texture, garnished with crab paste and pickled cabbage granules.  He pours chicken soup over them, offering different layers of delicious and fresh flavours which deliver an impeccable experience to the taste buds.

Soya Glazed Hairy Crab with Yellow Wine and Crab Meat Cake

Presented by Chef Frank Jiang, the Chinese Operations Director from Traders Fudu Hotel, Changzhou, this Chinese restaurant masterpiece, which involves many meticulous cooking procedures, has its own flavour that makes it unique from other dishes.  Hairy crab is traditionally served with vinegar and sliced ginger to let diners adjust the flavour based on their preferences and to promote digestion.  However, this special dish does not need vinegar and diners need not wash their hands after the meal because the chef uses a series of production processes to make the perfect hairy crab dish, removing the smell and giving guests an amazing dining experience.

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