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Donation Drive HIBC Charity Art Show 爱心接力,弘夏邀您参加艺术展

For the past few years, we have been working with Children’s villages in Guangxi, Fujian and Sichuan, every year we send New Years’ gifts to the kids and our CEO Cassie will pay a visit to the children.These Children’s villages provide housing and support for orphans of families devastated by misfortune.By personally being present there, our CEO Cassie has seen first-hand the tremendous work being done by the organization and volunteers. She was also deeply touched by the beautiful children growing up there.








Now HIBC wants to raise more awareness for this cause and take these efforts to the next level.This Summer, we’re hosting a Charity Art Show to raise money for these children.Please donate your artwork, photography, anything creative to us. You don’t need to be an artist to participate, just your warm heart counts! All proceeds go towards the children’s villages. We need you to help make a difference to this fantastic cause!







HIBC Charity Art Show Guidelines


01 关于捐赠的艺术作品

     About the art work



We accept any form of artistic work such as paintings, photography, handicrafts, any created work. You don’t need to be an artist to participate, just your warm heart counts!


02 活动流程以及时间

     Agenda and time



Phase 1: Donation drive:All artwork should be donated by the 9th of August ,2019



Phase 2:  Opening Night: In mid-August, we will host a charity art exhibition and reception. Donators, people from the children’s village and participants are invited in advance, and all donated works of art will be exhibited.


第三阶段:展出时间:8月中旬至9月中旬,为其一个月时间。所有作品将会以竞价的形式出售, 并最终由竞价最高者获得该展品,我司会公开最终竞拍结果,首次竞拍未拍出的展品,我司将安排二次竞拍,二次仍未拍出的展品,将返回给捐赠者。

Phase 3:Exhibition time: Mid-August- Mid Sept, for one month. All exhibition pieces  will be subject to open bidding with the pieces being sold to the highest bidder, and we will publicly announce the final auction results. For any unsold pieces we will arrange a second auction, and any pieces still remaining after that will be returned to the donor.


03 捐赠方式

    Where and how to donate



Please send your donated artwork to HIBC CO-WORKING SPACE: Room 3807-3809, Block A, Xintian Century Business Center, Fumin Road, Futian District, Shenzhen To: Cassie, 13798460676



Or you can just drop by to donate your artwork and enjoy a free cup of coffee.


 Check the venue space 展出场地抢先看 ↓







04 关于如何标价

     About the bidding price



If the art was purchased by yourself, please let us know the price at the time of donation and provide relevant receipts, from this we can set the starting bidding price for the work.


If you created the art work by yourself, you don’t need to provide a price. It will sold to the highest bidder at the end of the exhibition.


05 此次活动所有收入都将捐赠给儿童村的孩子

    All proceeds will be donated to the children’s village



Exhibition address: HIBC CO-WORKING SPACE: 1601, Block A, Xintian Century Business Center, Fumin Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

联系方式Contact :



Or you can just scan the QR code to contact!

At HIBC,  we aim to create an inclusive ecosystem that acts as a catalyst for startups and small businesses from all around the world to grow your business. With people from diverse backgrounds and sectors all under one roof, special ideas turn into special projects. We supply all the tools necessary for it to grow; from flexible spaces, company setting up tax accounting, legal advices, IP rights, investment services to strategic partnerships.

What we do:   


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-  Company Registration (WOFE & HK company)

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-  IP and Trademark

-  Membership and Mentorship


Event Details

Event Date: 
Wednesday, July 31, 2019 - 6:06pm - Friday, August 9, 2019 - 4:00pm
Pricing Info: 
Free entry
Booking Phone Number: 
call us: +86-755-3395-5850