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Do You Want To Work More Efficiently And Live Better Life?

Hey friends, want to meet new friends and learn to work more efficiently and live better? 

Come to join WeWork happy hour this 6:30pm-8: 30 pm Wednesday, Sep 18 in Baia Burger Coco Park. We invite 2 awesome speakers. You will learn most up to date knowledge with complimentary snacks and drinks. Invite your friends for a fun night!

Ken Wu from Spear&Horse to talk about how to dress properly. Ken will bring an educated lecture on how to plan to dress efficiently and properly on different occasions. For those guys who has no clue on how to dress for a week for work or different occasions. And guys don't want to spend too much time on planning dressing. It's your time.

Qi Song from HMC who will give us an awesome lecture about how to improve your life quality through

-what is a high-quality life

-emotion quality determine life quality

-heart mode and emotion

-physical and psychological harmony is the utmost status

-harmony doesn't mean relaxed

-what kind of emotion is depleting your energy what are recovering your energy

Spear&Horse is a company which specializes in men's boutique wear. They choose the fabrics and leathers from the top workshops, gather the well-experienced master tailors and craftsmen, build the suit shop into a gentlemen's living space and ensure all tasteful gentlemen an exceptional dressing experience. 

HMC is a stress emotion management institution--the only authorized institution in China from HeartMath US. HeartMath is a non-profit organization established in 1991. HMC's mission is to activate heart to improve health, organization efficiency, to elevate happiness and alleviate bad emotion and disease. Through individual heart, emotion, and brain health harmony to bring people into high intelligent status. Qi Song is the founder of HMC, certificated lecturer of HeartMath US.

Wework is a global community for creators. Our mission is to create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living. Since wework entered China, it has appeared in almost every major city with lightning speed. Shenzhen is one of the majors as the HQ of south China.

Currently, there are 7 communities in Shenzhen and ICCT as the 8th one which will be opened on Oct 15 next to Shenzhen landmark Pingan Building. You are welcome to book a visit on-site and you will enjoy at most 20% off.


Event Details

Event Date: 
Wednesday, September 18, 2019 - 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Pricing Info: 
Free entry
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Place Address (English/Chinese): 
中心二路星河CocoPark一楼LIC-077,078a LIC-077,078a 1/F Zhongxin 2nd Road Coco Park
call us: +86-755-3395-5850