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All You Can Eat+Drink @ Euro Night by Les 5 Chef's

Les 5 Chefs was founded by Harry and Claudio. Harry came to Shenzhen China working in quality control and realised that the traditional European dishes that he loves were not available in the local restaurants. After meeting his partner Claudio, they both opened the Les 5 Chefs cooking school.


They would later be offered space in Shekou where they would open a German Bakery later to become a full dining experience with two locations.


Harry (head chef) comes from a lineage of over 500 years of restaurant business history. He has taken recipes from this family that have been loved and appreciated in Germany, France and other parts of Europe. Harrys Grandmother was the Chef for Franz Josef I in 1881 until 1916 when his empire crumbled. At this point, she would return to Pressburg, close to Vienna, and continue her restaurant career.



Caroline (Harry’s Grandmother) would later teach her eldest grandson Walter the family recipes and he would later go on to teach his younger brother Harry in 1972 whilst he worked in his brother's restaurant for 7 years. 


Harry takes pride in the fact that his food is authentic and made from recipes dating back to his great grandmother. These same recipes are the ones offered today at Les 5 Chefs bringing a traditional comfort food to Shenzhen China. 


At Les 5 Chefs, everything is cooked low heat sous vide style -  meaning that meats are vacuum sealed and slow cooked at a low temperature. This makes the flavour stronger and the meats extremely tender! 


Everything made in Caroline/Les 5 Chefs is made in house without any chemicals or additives. This includes the bread, buns, pestos and sauces. All the bacon, sausages and smoked meats are also done in house. 


We are happy to be hosting our meetup event, “Euro-Night”, at Caroline by Les 5 Chefs in Coco Park and you will be too when you see the extraordinary deal that you will be getting! 


To promote their Shopping Park location, Les 5 Chefs will offer a menu of their signature items as well as a free flow of German Berrnbrau World Champion Beer for 2 hours. 



One item on the evening will be Les 5 famous “Duck Confit.” This duck is marinated for 24 hours in its own fat. This is an old technique that has been used for many years to preserve and flavor meat. 


Putting in this much time and effort into the duck, you get a dish that is full of flavor. They bake the skin after the process is done for a crispy texture while the inside is the classic & unmistakable flavor of duck. It is served over a thyme apple and a bed of butter mashed potatoes.


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Another dish to highlight is the Iberico BBQ Spare Ribs. These are very rare to find in Shenzhen and are made from black Iberico pigs. They are cooked with the same time and care as all meats sold at Les 5 Chefs. Slow cooked and sealed before being grilled for a great texture. The BBQ sauce is made in house. 


Full Menu:

Duck Confit over thyme apple & butter mashed potatoes

Iberico BBQ Spare ribs!

Mixed Salad

Homemade smoked bacon and duck breast (14 days smoked, 16 days marinated)

Wiener Schnitzel with Potato Salad

Sweet Mini Eclairs 





自制熏培根和鸭胸 (熏制14天, 腌制16天)



There will be a free flow of German Berrnbrau World Champion Beer for 2 hours. This is an exclusive beer offered by Les 5 Chefs made traditionally with no additives or chemicals. 

届时将免费供应世界冠军啤酒德国Herrnbrau (限时2小时)——这是Les 5 Chefs独家供应的不加任何添加剂和化学品的传统啤酒。

The cost/guest is 165RMB (Share this event on your WeChat Moments to receive a 20rmb discount!). 


To RSVP for this event simply e-mail 




Add Nathaniel Johnson for Questions (Organiser)

Tickets are limited so early booking is advised. 


165rmb per person once reserved or 190rmb on the door.


Ask is how to earn a further discount on the ticket price!



Event Details

Event Date: 
Friday, May 12, 2017 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Pricing Info: 
165RMB/Person RSVP in Advance 190RMB at the Door
Booking Phone Number: 
Place Address (English/Chinese): 
B01, Shopping Park North Area, Underground Floor 1, Futian
call us: +86-186-7677-0910